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For more than a decade, Loonie Politics has led the digital re-invention of Canadian media. Loonie Politics publishes investigative reporting, in-depth analysis, multi media features, opinion, and daily news coverage.

Founded in 2011, Loonie Politics strives to meet a high standard of ethics and build trust and a loyal, engaged audience through transparency and accountability. We are committed to producing journalism that is accurate, fair, and complete, and our contributors strive to act with honesty, transparency and independence, with no conflicts of interest. We correct errors and provide significant clarifications quickly and prominently.

We believe knowledge is an asset and that the public depends on journalists to bring them accurate, timely information. This information provides people with the wherewithal to make important decisions and  engage with society’s challenges. We are also dedicated to publishing different perspectives that cross the political spectrum which allows Canadians to develop their own informed opinions.

Readers and subscribers are Loonie Politics' lifeblood. We are committed to engaging with you and taking action based on your suggestions, complaints, and other feedback. You may help us develop an individual story or line of coverage, answer questions that a story may raise, identify related or under-covered issues, and teach us about new and diverse sources, experts and perspectives.

In line with this, we are committed to providing greater transparency about our journalism and offering regular points of contact and interaction. We believe news organizations have a responsibility to engage with the public on the values, issues, and ideas of the day and that we have much to gain in return.

Loonie Politics is part of MBG Enterprises Inc., registered in Ontario. MBG Enterprises Inc. is a privately held Canadian controlled corporation. Subscription sales account for over 90 percent of our revenue while the remainder of our revenue comes from advertising.

All of our original content is copyright protected.

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