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Conservative MPs on Thursday attempted to amend the text of the deal, which they say commits both countries to ‘promote carbon pricing’

‘Before 1982, restraint was hard-wired into the limited role that judges played. Now judges are hard-wired into enormous authority’

Final total for the three-day meeting, which produced no concrete plans to tackle the rising cost of living, could be much higher

Ukraine has had a carbon tax in place since 2011 which consists of a small levy on emissions from industrial emitters

Rules around credits for carbon capture and storage and clean technology purchases will be introduced before the House rises in December

The government’s statement announced an increase to the Canadian Journalism Tax Credit — a refundable tax credit allowing qualifying news outlets to claim up to 35 per cent of up to $85,000 in salary for a qualified employee

What the targeted measures in the federal Liberals’ fall economic statement mean for you

The government now predicts next year will see a turn for the worse, increasing the deficit from a predicted $35 billion to $38.4 billion

Justice Marie-Josée Hogue is expected to hold hearings in late January as the commission begins its work

New measures to include stress test tweaks, $15 billion in apartment construction loans and an AirBNB crackdown