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Premiers say the federal government covers only 22 per cent of the total cost for health care and they are demanding the Liberals raise that to 35 per cent

The majority of Quebec’s National Assembly had called for Elghawaby’s resignation over past comment on the province

Officials are confident the federal government is adequately secured from cyber attacks, but the tactics are always evolving

The Bloc and Conservatives have made it clear that they are siding with the Quebec government as the parliamentary committee studies Bill C-13

The Westin Calgary Airport Hotel received $6.8 million from the federal quarantine hotel program in 2022, despite hosting just 15 travellers

The comments made at Valdai ‘should be called out for what they are: disinformation and regime propaganda,’ counters Mélanie Joly’s press secretary

The commission, which acts as a mediator, noted that after ‘many days’ of bargaining, it was evident there have not been any ‘true negotiations’ between the parties

Over the objections of Conservative and Bloc MPs on the committee, Liberal and NDP members recommended the hybrid conditions remain in place

The group’s founder has close links to Vladimir Putin and the group has thousands of fighters, many recruited from Russian prisons, currently in Ukraine

‘He’s always had trouble defining what the middle class is, now we know his definition — it’s his friends who make $1,500/hour as high-priced consultants’