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As long as the Ukrainian people have fight left in them, it is no business of ours to tell them not to continue their struggle for freedom.

Government wait times for responses can exceed 1,000 days and much of released material is censored

Readers speak out on the issues of the week including the proliferation of non-answers at the Emergencies Act inquiry

‘Medical assistance in dying’ is helping many Canadians die with dignity; it’s also threatening to spin out of control

The government will likely just meet the threshold for declaring a public order emergency

In the Toronto Star, Andrew Cohen, presumably inadvertently, exposed for readers a glimpse of the incurable pathology of Trump-hate

The prime minister’s unconvincing and uninformative answers totally fail in reassuring Canadians

The IHRA definition has been endorsed by innumerable nations, municipalities, universities, corporations — even Chelsea Football Club

Even accepting that cabinet has the latitude to take a wider view than CSIS, surely it cannot have a completely free hand

When it comes time to render his judgment, hopefully Commissioner Rouleau won’t be as complacent about this government as most Canadians seem to be