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Poland arrests 2 Russians on allegations of spreading propaganda for the Wagner group

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Two Russian citizens have been arrested on allegations of spreading propaganda for Russia’s Wagner mercenary group, Poland’s security authorities said Monday.

The Internal Security Agency, or ABW, said that the men had been acting on behalf of Russia’s secret services and were distributing leaflets in Warsaw and Krakow advocating joining the mercenaries.

The two, identified only as Alexei T. and Andrei G., were to receive the equivalent of some $5,000 for their work, the agency said.

They were arrested Friday on allegations of working for a foreign intelligence agency and participation in an organized group having terrorist goals. If convicted, they could face up to 10 years in prison.

In recent months Poland has arrested 22 people suspected of spying for Russia or for its ally, Belarus, in what Warsaw sees as part of a hybrid war on Poland due to its support for Ukraine in the war against Russia’s aggression.

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