Why conservatives should stay out of leftist squabbles


We’ve had two instances of lefty-on-lefty crime in as many weeks, and in both cases, conservatives (despite having no dog in either fight) enthusiastically and loudly picked a side, as if there was something to be gained by them from doing so.

If you haven’t been paying attention lately, you missed conservatives rallying around the Toronto Star – of all newspapers – because it wasn’t doing enough to support the activism of Desmond Cole, a journalist and Black Lives Matter-affiliated activist who wrote for the paper until recently.

Trudeau puff-piece fashioner Jonathan Kay has also become a conservative hero of sorts after he resigned as editor of The Walrus magazine after a backlash which ensured after he defended another liberal, Hal Niedzviecki, who also resigned after he wrote that he didn’t believe in cultural appropriation of First Nations culture but that there should be a prize for the best cultural appropriators or some other hastily written piffle.

If I haven’t given these two situations their due consideration and context, it’s because I – unlike the liberals and associated conservatives who just HAVE to give their opinion on issues they know nothing about – don’t have the appropriate level of understanding and I’m not going to pretend that I do.

And even if I was somehow an expert on carding, or issues facing First Nations, I still wouldn’t feel this overriding need to write about it in the pages of a newspaper.  Because I am a conservative, and unless I’ve misread the situation completely, there’s not much conservatives can add to the discussion without being dismissed out of hand – at best.

Truth be told, I can’t see how any of the participants in either of these clusterkludges found themselves better off for having done so.  I don’t know what they are trying to prove, or who they feel the need to prove it to.

Is the hope that Hal Niedzviecki or the editorial board of the Toronto Star will realize what fools they’ve been and spontaneously revert to writing about ballooning deficits and the folly of carbon taxes?

Do we start forming an exploratory committee for a Jon Kay Toronto mayoral bid for 2018?

Allegedly principled conservatives across the country are so desperate to hold back the left wing tide of terror that they are sacrificing themselves on the altar of anything or anyone who may have a fighting chance, from the Maxime Bernier campaign to the Patrick Brown experiment to the BC Liberals.

They are praying that a resistance to political correctness gone mad will spontaneously form.

But as Jon Kay’s sad end demonstrates, there is little support out there for those who try to fight back or compromise.

So we conservatives can continue to put our faith and resources into lost liberal causes, or we can let the centrists reap the whirlwind that they have sown.

For after all, this mess is of their own making.  They’re the ones who gave the radicals a platform in the first place.  Their attempts to impose progress when it wasn’t called for – opened the floodgates.

And now, as a result, more and more speech is being classified as unacceptable and deserving of censure.

So let us then be silent, and let the centrist meddlers wear their shame.  Let them come to us for a change, when their high position is threatened.

Photo Credit: National Post

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