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Voters select from five byelection candidates today in Nova Scotia riding of Preston

HALIFAX — Voters in a provincial riding near Halifax are heading to the polls today in a byelection.

The contest in the Preston riding was made necessary when Liberal Angela Simmonds stepped down in April.

The five candidates vying for the seat are Liberal Carlo Simmons, Progressive Conservative Twila Grosse, Colter Simmonds of the NDP, Charles “Bobby” Taylor of Nova Scotians United and Green Party Leader Anthony Edmonds.

The Liberals are trying to retain a seat the party has held for most of the past 20 years.

In the 2021 provincial election, the Liberals captured 43 per cent of the votes in the riding, with the Progressive Conservatives and New Democrats splitting the remaining ballots cast.

Heading into the byelection, the governing Progressive Conservatives hold 31 seats in the provincial legislature, followed by the Liberals with 16 seats, the New Democrats with six and one Independent.

Polling stations are open from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. local time.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Aug. 8, 2023.

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