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Ukrainian general applauds Canadian defence minister for talking Ukraine victory

OTTAWA — Defence Minister Bill Blair caught the attention of a Ukrainian general when he said allies are talking about what it will take to get to “victory for Ukraine” in the war with Russia. 

Blair’s comments differ from the government’s longstanding promise to support Ukraine throughout the conflict, regardless of how it ends.

The minister was speaking at a Washington, D.C., event held by the Atlantic Council think tank on Monday, where he was asked about western support for the embattled country. 

He said there are important discussions among allies about what they can do to bring about “a peaceful resolution of victory for Ukraine,” which he said means pushing Putin out of the country.

Ukraine’s defence attaché in D.C., Maj.-Gen. Borys Kremenetskyi, responded that he hadn’t heard that kind of language from senior western officials before. 

Canada and its G7 allies have long said they will support Ukraine for as long as it takes, but Blair told the audience that language isn’t very hopeful or aspirational.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published May 14, 2024.

The Canadian Press

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