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Tory MP says he misspoke after NDP MP accuses him of making anti-Indigenous comment

OTTAWA — A Conservative MP apologized in the House of Commons today after an Indigenous colleague from across the political aisle called him out for linking an offender’s criminal record to his race.

Brad Redekopp says he misspoke earlier this week when he criticized parole officers for releasing Myles Sanderson on bail before the James Smith Cree Nation member perpetrated a 2022 stabbing rampage in Saskatchewan.

The Saskatoon MP incorrectly suggested Tuesday that the parole board predicted Sanderson “was likely to reoffend because of his racial background.”

He confirmed today that the Conservative party sought to correct the record — not by striking the claim altogether but by changing it to say Sanderson was likely to reoffend “regardless” of his background.

New Democrat MP Leah Gazan isn’t buying that explanation, saying Redekopp only apologized after she demanded that he publicly address his comments.

Gazan says the record should reflect his original comments and the Conservative party must confront what she calls a pattern of anti-Indigenous rhetoric.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published June 6, 2024.

The Canadian Press

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