There Is No Reason For Politicians To Wink At Extremists

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You know, some people just can’t be bothered to learn a lesson no matter how many times it’s taught to them.

Fruitless griping about the CBC’s bias, for example, is not going to stop the network from seemingly doing everything in its power to frustrate conservatives.  I’ve never understood who the CBC haters think they’re talking to at the CBC, or who they think is listening to them, or if they even want to be listened to.  You have to wonder what would these people do with their lives if the CBC went away tomorrow.

Then we have the people on the left who blow their stack every time some obscenely rich person kicks the bucket.  Remember the uproar when Peter Munk croaked a few months ago?  What was the point of that, might I ask?  And yet, the same thing is going to happen when the next Canadian billionaire passes on.

Over and over, the same tired old scripts play themselves out, even when there’s literally no reason for them to do so.  Like how CERTAIN politicians keep winking at extremists when there is literally no reason to do so.

Not that there ever would be a good reason to wink at extremists, mind you, but at least someone could justify it on a purely strategic basis.  If this was a country with an obvious base of anti-immigration or nationalist voters, then we could say that in the business of winning elections, this is the dirty part of the business.  Except there is none.  No strategic basis, and no identifiable group of voters that can be in any way counted on to show up.

Honestly, I just don’t know what to do about this anymore.  It’s been derailing Conservative campaigns ever since I’ve been alive.  And in between these campaigns, we are subject to endless hectoring from the people who will be running the campaigns about how if anyone does anything other than talk about the economy, they will be held personally responsible for handing the Liberals a majority, right up until the people running the campaign talk about some out of right field brainwave and the entire enterprise falls off a cliff.

Over in Quebec, Francois Legault was flirting with a majority.  He seemed like a breath of small-government fresh air in a largely statist province.  But then he had to go and start talking about how the province needed fewer immigrants without providing a lot of details about the various questions that he had to have known that position would take, and, correspondingly, his poll numbers went through the floor.  He still might win by cutting a deal with another of the left-wing parties, but there was no need for that to ever be an option.

Then we’ve got Doug Ford, who for some reason decided he was going to take a photo with Faith Goldy.  Because he wanted to trigger the libs?  Sure, whatever.  It’s not like the libs are hard to trigger.  You didn’t need to bring HER into it.  But you did, Doug.  After a campaign where you successfully, somehow, avoided having this be an issue.  After your dearly departed brother had to deal with the fallout of being photographed with a dude wearing a literal armband.  Solid job there, Doug.

Incidentally, what is the point of Faith Goldy’s campaign now that she forced her way onto the stage at a debate to mostly eyerolls and side-eyes?  It certainly wasn’t Laura Loomer crashing Shakespeare in the Park, I’ll tell you that.  The amount of social media attention that farce generated couldn’t be detected with an electron microscope.  Wasn’t the point of this campaign to be OUTRAGEOUS?  To force Canadian media to give her attention?  When you’re an out-and-out white nationalist that deliberately trolls for attention and people still refuse to give you the time of day, what’s left?

But of course, none of these failures and false starts will keep anyone from trying to bridge the gap from the online cesspits where these people congregate to the ballot box.  What, after all, is the definition of insanity?

Photo Credit: The Hamilton Spectator

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