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Trudeau went so far as to say that all other parties’ plans are based on “magic thoughts” rather than real science or concrete proposals.

Canada’s federal party leaders were quickly put on their heels in the first moments of the English language debate Thursday, the last face-off before election night.

In a wide-ranging interview for Focus BC, Lisa Lapointe said she would like to see the federal party leaders focus on plans to cut down on illicit drug deaths.

‘The Liberal Party is the only party that can strengthen our gun laws today,’ said PolySeSouvient coordinator Heidi Rathjen.

The pandemic showed the flaws in Canada’s long-term care system. Advocates hope that we change it before we forget how bad things were.

An Ipsos poll reveals a generational divide amongst how voters perceive the election call — the older the voter, the more likely they are against the idea of a pandemic election.

Advanced voting is proving to be a popular method in Canada’s elections, with 4,840,300 voters choosing to do so during the 2019 general election.

The timing and tone of this election will make it much more difficult for Canadians to emerge from the pandemic united, writes Mike Colledge.

“I would like to offer an apology for my recent comments on my personal Facebook account,” Kaycee Madu tweeted. “My comments were wrong.”

Canadians will be able to invite over friends for a BBQ this summer if COVID-19 infection rates are down and a majority of the population is vaccinated with one dose, Trudeau said.