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As city official Tim Keane, flees for Civil War territory, Calgary council left with extreme muddle over zoning bylaw

Couns. Sharp, McLean and Chabot want an investigation of the Trudeau connection by the Integrity Commissioner and under the city’s Whistleblower program

Nearly every demand in the once-infamous letter is now top of the UCP government’s agenda

The RMA has recommendations to fix the current system, including one that would see a portion of the revenue generated in each region pooled and distributed equally to all regions

Calgary city council does Trudeau’s bidding. It’s just not a nice headline. And the city council majority would have faced even more pushback from Calgarians

During a blunt assessment of the company’s fortunes in recent years, CEO Rich Kruger, who joined the company in April 2023, said Suncor required a new attitude

This rezoning battle has shaken more Calgarians out of their slumbers than anything and everything coming out of this tone-deaf city council

In the background, the UCP is building its sovereign Alberta in a way no government has done before

Megaproject to reset the landscape for Canada’s oil and gas sector by opening up the country’s ability to export energy to the world.

Inflation is ravaging Alberta consumers with prices that seem far higher than official rate. And Liberals do nothing about it