Dale Smith



Dale Smith is a freelance journalist in the Parliamentary Press Gallery, and author of The Unbroken Machine: Canada’s Democracy in Action (release March 2017).





2018 was a political trash fire, and 2019 promises to be worse
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Oil production cuts and the blame game
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What people keep overlooking in the Mikisew decision
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MPs think they want reforms, but do they really?
The ISG’s charter is suspiciously caucus-like
Let’s be thankful for our Supreme Court
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No guarantee Scheer’s TMX plans would work
Rehabilitating the Senate’s reputation
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Don’t blame FPTP for Ford – blame the leadership system
Doug Ford needs to learn the difference between populism and democracy
A cavalcade of stupid is lining up behind Trans Mountain
What does a minister without a ministry signal for governance?
A bigger bulldozer won’t get Trans Mountain built
No, you’re being divisive
Can Bernier sustain a movement?
Are there any original ideas left in politics?
Is a statutory holiday the best way to remember residential schools?
Putting a stake in message discipline
Senator Harder crafts a narrative about his office
‘Tis the season…for constitutional lunacy
The Liberals keep scoring on themselves
The mantra of fewer politicians doesn’t always hold water
MP casework is a brewing crisis
Ginning up Senate expense drama is a fool’s game
Questions of competence with the Cabinet shuffle
Pushing back against the rubber stamp
Cabinet shuffle considerations
Caveats to Canada’s “secret” to evading illiberal populism
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Can we debate political ideas any longer?
The rose-coloured view of the current Senate
Canada is entering the age of post-truth politics
Plumbing the soul of Question Period
About that $7 billion “slush fund”
Maxime Bernier and the quest for the shadow cabinet
No, Ford’s election is not a crisis for our electoral system
How to avoid the June ping-pong
Time to revisit how we manage our debates
Invoking the ghost of Lougheed
Stop trying to make a pipeline bill happen
Protracted negotiations? Hardly.
Time to re-engage with our constitutional monarchy
We have an obligation to make adult choices this election
The politics of attitude
Is Senate modernization becoming a distraction?
The search for easy answers on border crossers is a fool’s game
The Senate considers its Westminster status
Government appointments are now a full-blown crisis
The Senate faces a looming legislative crunch
What does the Liberal convention say about the state of the party?
Independent senators struggle with independence
Trans Mountain hysteria leading to stupid demands
Peter Harder’s position paper a self-serving exercise
There are no “simple questions” with Kinder Morgan
No, Canada doesn’t need a Salisbury Convention
Even if the Liberals are arrogant, does it mean they’re wrong?
Political communication is reaching a new low
The drama queens of C-45
Backlash against gender-neutral language misses the point
The dubious value of voting at sixteen
Kenney’s carbon tax and constitutional rhetoric doesn’t match reality
Two years of the ISG
Our “ceremonial” Prime Minister
Holding the government to a promise they weaselled out of
Senate Question Period is not just a partisan exercise
Caucus versus leadership is a growing problem
Changes to Senate appointment system won’t fix its problems
Trans Mountain virtue signalling will only harm, not help
Opposition in the Senate is more vital than you think
Reflections on questions of Senate independence
Scheer’s bill cynically exploits a legislative loophole
A race of outsiders points to a deeper problem in Ontario politics
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Don’t use harassment to push your agenda
Leitch and Brown’s woes share a common cause
Of senators and lobbyists
Parental leave for MPs needs strict limits
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Government’s appointment problems creating a slow-moving crisis
Lynn Beyak and the bully pulpit
Is a bullhorn the best way to support Iranian protesters?
The UK’s backbenchers are taking back their power. Can Canada’s?