Dale Smith



Dale Smith is a freelance journalist in the Parliamentary Press Gallery, and author of The Unbroken Machine: Canada’s Democracy in Action (release March 2017).





2017 was a year of terrible QP
Beware Trudeau’s British fancy
Slow progress leaves the Senate vulnerable
Making a spectacle of the pot bill
Was Mario Dion the only Ethics Commissioner candidate?
Who should sponsor bills in the Senate?
Trudeau’s faux scandals are self-inflicted
The Christmas crunch hits the Senate
Bill Morneau and outrage exhaustion
An overzealous plan on the pot bill
Instant memberships demean democracy
Is there value to be had from the mandate tracker?
When will the Conservatives stop treating us like idiots?
Senators may be moving the wrong way on audit committee
Julie Payette is not your mannequin
Senate committees due for a big shuffle
Let’s dial back the pearl-clutching about heckling
Two years of Wednesdays
Senator Harder’s conception of his role
Message control and the damage it’s doing
No more free passes for Independent Senators Group
Energy East and the death knell of free market conservatism
Senator McCoy’s lessons learned heading the ISG
Congratulations Jagmeet Singh – now get a seat
Andrew Scheer becomes an omnishambles
Senator Woo and the future of the ISG
Harder sounds a blow against self-governing Senate
Senate independents in flux as fall approaches
What do Senate hopefuls think they’re getting into?
Why do we let would-be leaders go without seats in Parliament?
Duffy should expect a Senate ready to fight him
Which came first: Senate independence or improvements?
Recalling the romance with Triple-E
Is eight years enough?
Senate vacancies are becoming a renewed headache
Committee chaos heading to the Senate
Who will lead the ISG?
Is our respect for the rule of law that tenuous?
Fletcher’s ouster a problem for Canadian democracy
Peter Harder’s problem playing the hero
Let’s stop the pearl-clutching over the Senate
Let’s heed Chan’s words and ditch the scripts
Ham-fisting their way through Parliament
Does Scheer’s win signal the end of free-market conservatives?
Will Mary Dawson need to stick around forever?
Where is the courage of our MPs?
Never let the constitution be a barrier for theatrical outrage
The importance of expelling Don Meredith
Chagger’s Quixotic Quest for Modernization
Expect a grouchy spring in Parliament
Beware a too-powerful PBO
It’s time for the opposition to walk their talk
Where Chagger goes, Harder is keen to follow
Debate management is a lost art in Canada
Getting expulsion right means being patient
No, we don’t need a more “efficient” Commons
Getting to gender parity means grassroots organizing
Importing a nativist rhetoric
Interlopers at the gates
Fearing the fringe
Make Canada parochial again
Trudeau made the right call in breaking electoral reform promise
Government gets to lay in the Senate bed they made
It’s not policy, it’s centralizing power
Bipartisanship is not a Canadian value
Respect your riding associations
It’s time to think about the next GG


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