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Saskatchewan Crown corporations report earning losses; SaskPower faces steep hit

REGINA — Saskatchewan’s Crown corporations are reporting sizable earning losses this year, with the government-owned electrical utility facing its biggest financial hit yet. 

The reports, released by the Saskatchewan Party government last week, show SaskPower is staring down a net loss of $172 million. 

The Crown corporation says the loss is mainly dueto higher fuel prices. 

The province’s other Crown corporations made money this fiscal year, but not as much as they did last year.  

In total, the corporations reported net earnings of $7.4 million, but that’s well below the $361 million they earned last year. 

The government normally holds a news conference and technical briefing when it releases the reports, but it did not do so this year. 

The NDP Opposition says the province is ducking accountability by quietly releasing the reports. 

The Canadian Press

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