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Quebec increases immigration target by 10,000, imposes French requirement for workers

MONTREAL — The Quebec government is increasing its immigration target to about 60,000 people next year and imposing new French-language requirements for newcomers.

Premier François Legault says the official target will remain steady at 50,000 people a year — but a document his government released today shows that number will rise by 10,000 when immigrants admitted through other programs are factored in.

The premier told reporters today his government will require all economic immigrants, who are chosen by the province, not Ottawa, to pass a French test before they are admitted.

Quebec will also begin requiring all temporary foreign workers — except those who work on farms — to pass a French test if they want to stay in the province longer than three years.

As well, the premier says the province will ask Ottawa to reduce the number of asylum seekers and Ukrainian refugees who settle in Quebec.

Quebec’s new immigration targets will be in place for two years. 

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Nov. 1, 2023.

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