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Proposed bills aim to crack down on sex offenders and false intimate images

WINNIPEG — The Manitoba government is proposing tougher anti-crime measures in two bills now before the legislature.

One bill would forbid people convicted of sex-related offences from legally changing their name, similar to existing laws in Saskatchewan and Alberta.

People who apply to change their legal name would have to undergo a criminal record check.

The second bill would expand an existing provincial law that covers people who have had their nude or intimate images shared without their consent.

The law, which allows victims to sue the perpetrator and receive support in getting the images taken down, is to be expanded to include images created or altered electronically, sometimes called deepfakes.

Last year, a Winnipeg high school notified parents that altered photos of underage female students were being shared online.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published March 14, 2024

The Canadian Press

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