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Poilievre says he would ‘cut wasteful foreign aid,’ work towards NATO spending target

POINTE-CLAIRE, Que. — Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre is pledging that a future government would cut what he calls “wasteful foreign aid” and would not allow funding to go to “dictators, terrorists and multi-national bureaucracies.” 

He made the comment today in response to a question about his position on NATO’s military spending targets, as ministers from the military alliance meet in Brussels. 

Poilievre is offering early insights this week into his thoughts on defence spending, as he continues to focus his messaging on cost-of-living issues. 

His office says a future Conservative government “will work towards meeting Canada’s NATO spending commitment” of two per cent of its GDP, as Ottawa continues to fall well short of the target.

Former United States president Donald Trump said at a recent rally for his re-election that he would encourage Russia to “do whatever the hell they want” to any NATO member that shirks its spending commitment.

Poilievre told reporters this morning in Pointe-Claire, Que., a municipality near Montreal, that Trudeau’s national defence plan hinges on the U.S. protecting Canada.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Feb.15, 2024. 

The Canadian Press

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