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Nova Scotia premier says key election promise of corporate tax rebate may not proceed

HALIFAX — Nova Scotia’s premier appears to be backing away from a corporate tax rebate that was a key promise in his party’s 2021 election platform.

The “better paycheque guarantee” was a proposal to give Nova Scotia companies a 50 per cent rebate on their provincial corporate taxes if they used the savings to pay their employees more.

But Tim Houston told reporters today that he’s not sure the program will proceed “as it was in the platform documents.”

Houston added that government priorities often shift, and he says the corporate tax rebate is still being assessed.

Government officials have estimated the promise could cost the province around $200 million in revenue.

Houston says he believes many Nova Scotians are already getting better paycheques because of his government’s record in negotiating new contracts with public sector unions.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Oct. 27, 2023.

The Canadian Press

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