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Nova Scotia and Ottawa announce funding for 65 more affordable housing units

HALIFAX — The Nova Scotia and federal governments will be spending $3.2 million to build 65 affordable housing units for seniors and low-income residents in the communities of Bridgewater, Port Hawkesbury and Oyster Pond.

Bridgewater will get 25 new units, and 24 existing units in Port Hawkesbury will be improved and rented below the market rate.

In the Oyster Pond area, which is part of the Halifax region, the former Jeddore Lakeville Elementary School will be converted into 16 affordable, one-bedroom units for seniors. 

Provincial Housing Minister Geoff MacLellan and federal Social Development Minister Ahmed Hussen made the announcement today as part of Ottawa’s National Housing Strategy. 

Earlier this week, a commission looking into Nova Scotia’s affordable housing shortage called on the province to swiftly invest $25 million to support 600 to 900 households in finding reasonably priced, safe accommodation.

The 61-page report prepared by the Nova Scotia Affordable Housing Commission said rising housing costs, high energy costs, a growing population and the high poverty rate created a “perfect storm” last year that pushed the housing system to a breaking point.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published June 2, 2021.

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