Monte McNaughton shows his true colours on eve of Ont PC vote


Failed Tory leadership candidate/Lambton-area PC MPP Monte McNaughton hit new lows over the weekend with emailed attacks on his colleague Christine Elliott, who might end up being his political boss after May 9th.

McNaughton again flirted with sexism and/or homophobia when he criticized Elliott in the email for allegedly not doing enough to fight the province’s new curriculum, which includes sensible and age-appropriate sex ed material, like letting kids know that gay people exist in the world and some kids may even live with same-sex parents.  That’s too much for certain homophobes out there.

As this Sun article makes clear, McNaughton’s showing a great deal of immaturity and stupidity:

“The former leadership candidate accused the long-time MPP, whom he refers to as “Christine Elliott Trudeau,” of having “waffled” on the curriculum issue.  He then urged party members to support the only other candidate in the race — federal Conservative MP Patrick Brown.

McNaughton also accused Elliott of saying people who don’t support the curriculum won’t be welcome in her “Big Blue Tent” if she wins the leadership.

“Ms. Elliott should rename her tent to the ‘Little Red Tent’ or ‘Little Pink Tent,” McNaughton wrote.  “There is nothing ‘Big’ or ‘Blue’ about it.”

Really?  A ‘little pink tent?’

Most opposition to the new curriculum is based on lies being promoted by anti-gay bigots like Charles McVety, attacking things that aren’t actually in it.  They’re whipping up opposition in ethnic minority communities, taking advantage of the fact that few if any of them will actually ever read the proposed curriculum to confirm the hysterical attacks.

We are seeing the ugly side of conservatism and bigotry in this debate.

Glad to see some Ontario PCs fighting back against McNaughton’s stupidity, including MPP Todd Smith who slammed McNaughton on Twitter this weekend: “It’s amazing to me just how low @MonteMcNaughton has fallen in the last two months but tonight was the lowest!!”


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