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Mayor of Ecuador's capital is dismissed, faces graft probe

QUITO, Ecuador (AP) — The mayor of Ecuador’s capital was removed from office on Thursday following multiple allegations of wrongdoing and the opening of a corruption investigation by prosecutors.

Quito city councilors voted to dismiss Jorge Yunda after complaints about a lack of transparency, including the failure to provide details about municipal budget spending.

Councilor Luz Elena Coloma said Yunda’s ″inappropriate behavior″ had been going on for two years.

Prosecutors looking into the Yunda case are also investigating allegations of organized crime.

Yunda, who took office in May 2019 and had two years left in his term, has said he was being unfairly targeted, tweeting that “in politics there are no friends, there are interests.″

Deputy Vice Mayor Santiago Guarderas is replacing Yunda.

The Associated Press