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Manitoba Tories say the premier’s promise to control food prices has rung hollow

WINNIPEG — Manitoba’s Opposition Tories say the government’s promise to crack down on rising grocery prices has proven to be an empty threat. 

The Tories point to new figures from Statistics Canada that indicate food prices rose faster in Manitoba last month than in neighbouring provinces.

Interim Tory leader Wayne Ewasko says the data shows the government had no plan to keep prices in check.

Last November, Premier Wab Kinew said he expected grocers to pass on savings from the province’s fuel tax holiday.

He said there would be followup action if the savings were not passed on but did not say what action the province might take.

Deputy premier Uzoma Asagwara, when pressed on the issue, was unable to say what the province might do, but pointed to other affordability measures the NDP government has enacted.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published April 17, 2024

The Canadian Press

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