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Manitoba Crown corporation has suffered from instability, large management load

WINNIPEG — An external review of Manitoba’s Crown-owned auto insurance corporation has found instability, confusion over responsibilities and a high ratio of managers.

The review by consulting firm Ernst and Young says Manitoba public Insurance has a relatively high number of managerial layers, and 30 per cent of management roles have three or fewer people reporting to them directly.

The report also says it is unclear who is responsible for different lines of business at the corporation, and 20 organizational changes over two years have created instability.

The review was launched under the former Progressive Conservative government after Manitoba Public Insurance saw staff levels rise sharply and contracts awarded without open bidding.

There have also been major cost overruns on a technology overhaul, which is now almost triple its original budget.

The corporation’s board dismissed the chief executive officer in the spring, and the NDP government, sworn-in in October, replaced most board members as one of its first moves.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Jan. 26, 2024

The Canadian Press

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