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Canada Needs Diverse And Independent Political News

Canada continues to change at a time when our national media is consolidating with limited diversity.  In two years there will be another federal election.  Canada needs more diverse reporting to inform Canadians — reporting that cares more about our collective values than corporate profits.  That’s why we started Loonie Politics and why we have developed a loyal readership in a short time.  So, become a ‘builder’ and together we’ll continue to contribute to the national conversation.

How you can help

Become a Loonie Builder.  Your money will assist Loonie Politics’ journalists interview politicians and cover national and provincial stories that other media overlook.  What stories exactly?  When you sign up, we’ll ask you to tell us what stories you would like us to cover.  Plus, your money keeps Loonie Politics paywall free, which means you’re giving the gift of independent reporting to all Canadians.

There are five different levels in contributing to the Loonie Builder Program:

1) For a contribution of $25, you will be included in the Member of Parliament caucus.  We will contact you so that you can tell us what issues you believe we should cover.

2) For a contribution of $50, you will be part of the Loonie Builder Cabinet.  You will receive the MP benefits plus the knowledge that you are making a difference.

3) For an annual contribution of $100, you will be a Right Honourable Prime Minister.  You will receive the benefits of the Cabinet plus receive the benefit of speaking with the Editor.

4) For an annual contribution of $200, you will be classified as a Governor General.  You will receive the benefits of the Cabinet plus our monthly newsletter.

5) For an annual contribution of $500, you will become Royalty.  You will receive the benefits of the Governor General (since the GG is appointed by the Queen or King) plus have the opportunity to speak with one of our writers or editor and question them about current political issues.  Because after all, you are Royalty and we answer to you.


Loonie Builder

Terms Of Service

All Loonie Builder transactions are processed in Canadian Dollars.  Loonie Politics / MBG Enterprises Inc. is a Canadian organization, located in Ontario.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Although we operate on a shoestring budget, we’re technically a for-profit organization; as such, contributions to Loonie Politics are not tax-deductible.  Find out more about our funding here.