Liberals Plan Energy Rate Increases, More Wind Power


On Monday the Liberal Minister of Energy Bob Chiarelli released the provincial Long-Term Energy Plan which outlined his plans to raise hydro rates and increase the numbers of wind and solar installations across Ontario.

“The Liberal government has released three long-term energy plans over the past 10 years,” said PC MPP Monte McNaughton.  “The Minister needs to give his head a shake.  Families across Ontario simply cannot afford a 42% hike to their residential hydro bills. Enough is enough.”

The new Long-Term Energy plan shows the average residential hydro user going from $125 per month up to $178, a 42% hike to residential hydro bills over the next five years.  The Long-Term Plan forecasts hydro bills to skyrocket all the way up to $193 per month by 2022.

“The Liberal government is planning to triple the amount of energy being produced by wind turbines which are dividing communities and driving up the costs of our hydro every day,” said McNaughton.  “The Liberals have ignored our calls to end the disastrous green energy act are instead moving full-speed ahead with more wind turbines and more wind developments.  This is clearly the wrong direction for Ontario.”

The Liberal plan shows that the government will increase reliance on expensive and unreliable wind turbines at the expense of nuclear energy.  The Liberal government plans to triple the amount of wind power by 2032.  The increased rates will also go to pay for the cancelled gas plants – $1.1 billion falling squarely on the backs of overburdened ratepayers.

“The skyrocketing price of hydro is a major reason why we are seeing continued plant closings and local job losses,” fumed McNaughton.  “In neighbouring jurisdictions we are seeing energy prices fall, but here in Ontario they continue to rise.  Local residents simply cannot afford continued annual increases.”

Tim Hudak and the Ontario PCs have a plan to make energy more affordable, including ending subsidies for wind energy and finding stability in industrial energy prices.  To find out more about the Ontario PC Plan for affordable energy, please visit:

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