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Liberal MP suggests party needed stronger ground game in Toronto—St. Paul’s vote

OTTAWA — The co-chair of the Liberals’ Ontario campaign is suggesting the party’s candidate in the Toronto—St. Paul’s byelection needed more time to campaign before the vote.

The Liberals had held the seat for 30 years, recently under Carolyn Bennett, but the Conservatives won the seat last week by about 600 votes.

Karina Gould, who is the Liberal MP for Burlington, is in charge of finding candidates for the next federal election, which must happen before fall of 2025.

She says the lesson learned is that Leslie Church needed more time to get to know people in the riding.

Gould says it’s becoming tougher for Liberal candidates to campaign because people are seeking change from a government that’s been in power for nine years.

She says that means candidates need to have tougher and longer conversations with Canadians, and to make sure they can demonstrate that they’re listening.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published July 2, 2024.

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