Letter to Editor: Politics of Fear

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The two military deaths this past week demonstrate how vulnerable all of us are.  Canadians support all of our men and women in uniform both to protect as well as to keep the peace.  Politics of fear in our history has created some very unjust events.

Politics of fear in 1914-1920 interned over 6,000 Ukrainians and forced over 85,000 to register like common criminals.  Politics of fear in 1923 gave Canada the Chinese Exclusion Act which kept all Asians out of Canada for the next 24 years.  Politics of fear interned the Japanese Canadians during the Second World War.  In our short history, we’ve made some big mistakes because of politics of fear.

Harper’s decision to get involved in the Middle East may put this country at further risk.

The Commissioner of the RCMP says that the Ottawa shooter had no linkages to ISIS.  This homeless kid from a privileged background was a petty thief and had mental health issues.  The Harper government continues to call this a terrorist act.  Does that mean from here on in, every criminal act will be deemed a terrorist act?

Harper is using this to further erode our liberty with new legislation.  Canadians do not agree that CSIS and RCMP need more power.  We have the Security Act already in place to lock up terrorists and throw away the key.

All Canadians support our military and remember the fallen, lives sacrificed for our freedom.  With November 11th just around the corner, let us not forget the blood shed to keep us free.

Do not succumb to the politics of fear.  Let us learn from our history.

Inky Mark is a former member of the House of Commons of Canada, representing the Manitoba riding of Dauphin—Swan River—Marquette.  Follow Inky Mark on twitter: @inky_mark


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One Response to “Letter to Editor: Politics of Fear”

  1. catherine maneker

    They were not “deaths”. They were murdered by terrorists. By calling them “deaths” you insult their lives.


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