Letter to Editor: Gunowners are still criminals in waiting under Harper’s new common sense gun bill





Minister Stephen Blaney tabled what was called a common sense gun control bill recently in parliament.  What he did do was make cosmetic changes which would have little impact on the average long gun owner.

What he did not do was decriminalize the ownership of firearms for lawful gun owners.  Under this law, when your possession licence expires, you now have six months to renew, or you become a felon and may end up with a criminal record and perhaps go to jail for up to ten years.

In July of this year Blaney made the statement that the grace period would be five years.  His five years became six months.

Amalgamating both POL and PAL basically forces those POL licencees to take a mandatory safety course before renewing the Possession Licence.  This will create difficulties for our seniors who have been using firearms most of their lives in rural Canada.

It is difficult to understand why Harper will not decriminalize firearm ownership in Canada.  Firearms are the only property that owning without a paper licence can send you to jail for up to ten years.  Plus you will have a criminal record.

In the past decade Harper has promised to repeal the Liberal gun control bill (C-68).  He has lied over and over again to the gunowners of Canada .  The only thing he did was get rid of the long gun registration.  The police still use the registry, so it really isn’t dead.  C-68 is basically alive and well.

So Mr. Harper, we are all tired of your lying.  Lawful gun owners will see through all the smoke in 2015.

Inky Mark is a former member of the House of Commons of Canada, representing the Manitoba riding of Dauphin—Swan River—Marquette.  Follow Inky Mark on twitter: @inky_mark


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One Response to “Letter to Editor: Gunowners are still criminals in waiting under Harper’s new common sense gun bill”

  1. EhCanadianEh

    The Firearms Act needs to go. What you say is true. We can have “gun control” without having fear based propaganda combined with morons (in the field of firearms- they know nothing) deciding what is good for 2.5-5 million non violent gun owners.

    We had nothing to do with Polly T……..so end the Act that punishes and blames us all for the acts of one person.


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