Jonathan Scott


Jonathan Scott is principal of a boutique communications and government relations consultancy; he and his team work with clients to meet their goals and develop memorable and effective communications and advocacy campaigns, with clients in Canada, the United States and China.

Jonathan previously worked as communications director for the Ontario Liberal caucus at Queen’s Park and as public relations director at Key Gordon Communications Inc, an advertising agency for green and ethical products and causes in Toronto. He also worked as a speechwriter for the former Premier of Ontario.

He has managed campaigns and done communications for progressive candidates across Canada at all three levels of government, including ongoing work with the Ontario Liberal Party, as well as in the United Kingdom.

He is a regular political commentator on CTV News Channel, and his writing on politics, marketing, education, religion and current affairs have appeared in, Monocle, The Globe and Mail, The National Post, The Toronto Star,, The Huffington Post, The Bradford Times, The Presbyterian Record, Education Canada, Education Today, The Federalist Trust and Loonie Politics.

Jonathan studied English literature at the University of Toronto and earned his law degree at Cardiff School of Law and Politics.




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