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Jokes abound over Yang's choice for favorite subway station

NEW YORK (AP) — Forget which sports team to root for, or who makes the best pizza.

New York City mayoral candidate Andrew Yang apparently hit a nerve with his answer to a question that people may not have realized was a burning issue — what’s your favorite subway station?

His response? Times Square.

Yang’s choice of the midtown Manhattan, tourist-heavy station launched an onslaught of social media responses, with some questioning how much of a New Yorker he could really be and others rolling their eyes at the whole thing.

Ziwe, a comedian with a show on Showtime, brought up the subways in an interview with Yang, asking him about his favorite stop.

“It’s my stop, so Times Square,” Yang replied, to which she reacted with more than a little disbelief.

Yang replied, “It’s big, it’s cavernous, there are entertainers there, sure, what’s not to like?”

An email was sent to Yang’s campaign seeking comment.

Yang, the former presidential candidate, is among several candidates in the Democratic primary for mayor. The primary election is on June 22.

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