Letter to Editor: Democracy should begin at home








In the beginning of 2014, the Conservative Party of Canada sent out a circular to members that the party would have open nominations in preparation for the 2015 election.  In June of this year, a press release was send out stating that Harper had approximately 100 of his MPs nominated.  On that list is the name of the local MP Robert Sopuck.  Did I miss something?  Did anyone see, hear or read about an open nomination taking place in Dauphin-Swan River-Marquette?

So how did Robert Sopuck get nominated in 2014?  This will be the third time that Robert Sopuck has been named by his party without going through a nomination process.  Robert Sopuck’s nomination was really a rubber stamp of approval from his leader Stephen Harper.

So much for democracy under Stephen Harper.  I always thought that democracy should begin at home.  Robert Sopuck has been a loyal mouthpiece for Stephen Harper during his years in Ottawa.  Do you want four more years of the same?


Inky Mark is a former member of the House of Commons of Canada, representing the Manitoba riding of Dauphin—Swan River—Marquette.

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