If the Tories want to improve their party, Sloan is just the start



Poor Derek Sloan.

He made a terrible mistake.  He accepted a $131 donation.  Now, his political career is all but over.  Unless Maxime Bernier rescues him.

The donation in question, as revealed by Press Progress, appears to have been made by Frederick P. Fromm.  You may have never heard of Frederick P. Fromm, but you may have heard of Paul Fromm.  Or maybe not.

Paul Fromm notably founded the Canadian Association for Free Expression and Citizens for Foreign Aid Reform and other far-right protest groups.  He has appeared at neo-nazi rallies.  He shows up regularly on ‘Stormfront’, a white supremacist internet propaganda machine.  In short, not a nice guy, despite applying and receiving money from the government’s Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy for two of his groups.  But that’s another column.

So Frederick Paul Fromm liked Derek Sloan’s ideas and supported his 2020 leadership campaign, making and even soliciting donations through his own site.  To be fair to Derek Sloan, candidates rarely go through the records in an attempt to spot problematic donors.  And even if he had, it is possible Sloan wouldn’t have made the link between Frederick P. Fromm and Paul Fromm.  Indeed, Conservative party officials didn’t make that link either, or else they could have managed it then and there.  But they processed the donation, didn’t flag it.  Nothing to see here, folks.

But now Erin O’Toole is outraged!  Sloan must go!  We are not right-wing extremists!  Derek Sloan must go because, likely unknowingly, Sloan accepted a donation from a white supremacist, a donation that the Conservative Fund of Canada accepted and managed, tax receipt and all, taking a 10% cut in the process.

Rather than focussing on the acceptance of the donation, Conservatives should think hard about why right-wing extremists and white supremacists like Fromm believe it is a good idea to donate to the Tories, any Tory.  Generally, you do not give money to people you fundamentally disagree with.

This all seems a little unfair to Derek Sloan.  Though this is the same Derek Sloan that as a leadership candidate stated that the “cause of sexual orientation” was “scientifically unclear.”  The same Conservative MP who opposed banning conversion therapies.  The same Derek Sloan who wondered if Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer, Theresa Tam, was more loyal to China than to Canada.  The same Conservative politician that claimed that the COVID-19 vaccine was a “human experimentation.”  He has remained a Conservative.  True Blue.  Despite all that.

The truth is that for O’Toole, it was politically convenient at this time to kick-start the process to kick-out Sloan.  Just as it was politically convenient to go easy on Sloan as he was campaigning for social conservatives’ 2nd and 3rd choices during the CPC leadership.  But in the wake of the Capitol attack, Erin O’Toole is in the process of seeing his party framed as a haven for far-right extremists, intolerants, radical Trump-loving bigots.  A statement claiming you are not a party of ducks will not work if you hear a lot of quacking sounds in the background.

Photo Credit: Toronto Sun

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