Hudak speaks to PC convention delegates


All eyes were on Tim Hudak today as he took centre stage to speak to delegates at the 2013 Progressive Conservative Convention in London, Ontario.  Hudak was expected to fire-up the audience and put any doubts and questions about his leadership of the party to rest prior to delegates voting on an amendment to the party constitution relating to leadership reviews.

Tim Hudak spoke to party members how the province has declined under the leadership of the McGuinty / Wynne Liberals and compared the province’s economical situation to the City of Detroit on three occasions during his speech.  Hudak indicated that he was proud to be a Minister in the Mike Harris government so he has had experience cleaning up the mess left behind by Liberal and NDP governments.

Mr. Hudak then turned up the lights in the auditorium and invited questions from the delegates.  A couple of questions from the delegates focused on his likability with the Ontario voters.  Hudak addressed this issue head on and stated that he has been all over the province speaking to Ontarians in town hall sessions so that voters can get to hear him first hand.

After the convention delegates voted against the constitutional amendment that would have precipitated a leadership review, Mr. Hudak held a press conference where he was asked by the media to explain the unease both within and outside the party on his leadership.  One reporter even asked if he should perhaps get a makeover.  Mr. Hudak answered the question by stating that he was going to continue to speak with voters and that it is unfortunate that voters sometimes only see the interactions stemming from Queens Park where sometimes the elbows come up.

From our perspective, Mr. Hudak had another good day and it would appear he has the support of the party behind him.  Hudak mentioned during the press conference that he would be reaching out to those party members who had questioned his leadership prior to the convention.  He’ll need everyone one board if he is to be successful in the next provincial election.

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