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Predictions recap 2017: Time To Gloat!
Tories talk tough on terrorists, while playing silly games
If there were an adult at Laurier University, none of this would have happened
If Trudeau’s not careful, he could end up like Coderre
Maybe the problem isn’t his ministers, maybe the problem is Trudeau
The Netflix deal might be good, but what’s the point if everyone hates it?
Julian Fantino is exactly the hypocrite you’d expect him to be
Boeing’s Bombardier complaints are more than a bit rich
NDP leadership candidates should denounce Quebec’s Bill 62
Conservative centrists are organizing, does this spell trouble for the Tories?
Saudis using Canadian armoured vehicles against civilians, who could have imagined? (Everyone.)
By blocking a Muslim cemetery, a small Quebec town has disgraced us all
The Ontario Liberals have done serious damage to the fight against climate change
Liberal rhetoric too rarely matches Liberal deeds
The Rest of Canada shouldn’t worry too much about constitutional rumblings out of Quebec
Trump’s trip is going fine, but there’s no reason to assume that will hold
In the middle of an election, London is oddly quiet
Playing nice with Trump hasn’t worked, it’s time to unbend the knee
Vimy centennial ceremony could have used a little dignity
The Globe and Mail is failing its readers
Why are we so eager to take the politics out of politics?
Faking sincerity is hard, just ask Kellie Leitch
The NDP leadership has begun, but what if there’s nothing at stake?
Shattered Mirror a goofy way to save the news
Trudeau playing politics with a familiar cynicism
 2017: Predictions for the year ahead


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