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Former Manitoba premier Gary Doer attends NDP event to support Wab Kinew

WINNIPEG — Former Manitoba premier Gary Doer is back in the political spotlight.

Doer, who resigned 14 years ago after a decade in the premier’s chair, attended an NDP campaign event to support current party leader Wab Kinew for the Oct. 3 election.

Doer called Kinew a smart and dedicated leader who can bring people together.

Kinew says if the NDP win the election, Doer would serve as a volunteer adviser on Canada-U. S. trade.

Doer was Canada’s ambassador to the United States for several years after retiring as premier.

He says he’s happy to help future governments, and says he relied on former Progressive Conservative premier Duff Roblin for advice on the expansion of the Red River Floodway that protects Winnipeg.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Sept. 12, 2023

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