Directions to the Throne Speech

The Senate Chamber.

We admit it.  We are lost and need direction on where we are heading in Canada.  We understand that the Throne Speech in October will outline the federal government’s priorities over the next two years, however we need more assistance since we are directionally impaired.  Where do we want to be as a country ten or even twenty years from now?  What are the grand national projects that will continue to unite us as a country from both an economic and social perspective?  We do not know the answers to these questions and we are probably not alone.

So the challenge for Prime Minister Harper is to provide us with directions… tell us where we are going?  We understand that there is only two years to the next election and that the Throne Speech will be crafted with politics in mind.  We challenge the Prime Minister to think outside the box and give us a blueprint (or directions) to the future beyond the next federal election.

We also understand that within five minutes of the Governor General delivering the Throne Speech, the Leaders of the Opposition Parties will be offering their critique.  So here is the opportunity to do something different.  The NDP, Liberals and Green Parties should provide us with their plan that outlines their long term priorities and goals for Canada.

The odds of that happening are small since the Opposition Parties will be hanging onto their grand ideas until the next federal election campaign, which will be the first time that Canada will vote with a fixed election date.  So we will go on with our daily routines without the debate and directions to what the country will look like for our children or grandchildren.

We just thought a discussion of ideas would be more valuable now two years away from an election.  After all, didn’t a Prime Minister once state that an election campaign wasn’t the time to discuss important ideas.  We agree.

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