Dale Smith



Dale Smith is a freelance journalist in the Parliamentary Press Gallery, and author of The Unbroken Machine: Canada’s Democracy in Action (release March 2017).





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Justin Trudeau says there’s no national unity crisis. He’s right.
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Musical chairs in the Senate
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André Pratte gets the vapours
It’s time for Justin Trudeau to eat some crow about his Senate changes
This election was awful, but it will take hard work to fix the next one
The post-election unity concerns are overblown
This is an election about something – really!
Don’t count your coalitions before they hatch
Scheer isn’t entirely wrong on Senate appointments
There’s a reason this election is so listless
Trudeau’s parliamentary reform promises likely will do more harm than good
Scheer needs to leave the Supreme Court alone
On changing leaders mid-election
Is this election hurting the PBO?
The liars ask for our trust
Brexit breakdown showing that Parliament is behaving like it’s supposed to
Elizabeth May’s “Climate Cabinet” offends parliamentary democracy
Are Canadian elections just West Wing LARP sessions?
What do we mean when we talk affordability?
The ISG’s blinkered vision of the future
Harder’s “progress report” is a garbage fire
Is it even possible to prevent another SNC-Lavalin issue?
Did our ethics rules make decision-making poorer?
The utter farce of the Liberals’ “national election urgency”
Trudeau needs to bring back the vice-regal appointment committee
Exit plans and expulsions
Relitigating electoral reform
Can the ISG survive the next election?
Impressions in Alberta about the coming election
The UK is about to learn leadership lessons Canada has been struggling with
We need reclaim party nominations
How could MPs deal with a compressed schedule?
Are we sure we want these reforms solidified?
Cheering on the corruption of MPs
You can’t fully depoliticize judicial appointments
The learned helplessness of MPs
Making Trudeau’s “great experiment” an election issue
Kenney’s Senate “election” plan is just inventing grievances
MPs want a second debating chamber. This won’t end well.
Don’t mourn bad bills dying on the Order Paper
This government needs to get serious about vice-regals
The Inconvenient Facts Around Bill C-69’s Amendments
Ontario Liberals dodged a leadership bullet, but still haven’t learned their lesson
Scheer’s rhetoric on interprovincial trade is cheap theatre
More independents won’t change Parliament for the better
Senators setting the stage for Parliament to sit in July
Can you have an economic vision that ignores economics?
How regional is too regional in the Senate?
The Liberals may want to hold off on patting their own backs on appointments
Dead Legislation Walking?
Let’s not get too complacent about populism
Are we missing the bigger problem in the Mark Norman case?
Appointments, accountability, and party databases
MPs should apply caution in rewriting the Standing Orders
Committing to a bogus narrative in the face of facts
Senators shouldn’t be afraid to let private members’ bills die
Will Alberta really be “open for business”?
Anger without release could poison the federation
Polling for a new Senate, or a pony?
Mavericks or dissidents?
Senators not letting a good crisis go to waste
Senator Harder declares procedural war
Is this about doing politics differently?
The unspoken fix to Canada’s “democracy index”
The budget was no distraction, but it showed Scheer’s weakness
Should the Senate investigate the Double-Hyphen Affair?
Is Jody Wilson-Raybould setting up for a leadership challenge?
So much of the Double-Hyphen Affair was politics as usual in Canada
Will the budget offer a distraction?
The Senate meltdown that almost was
Trudeau’s survivability just got tougher
Political obituaries for Trudeau are likely premature
Civic literacy has to include parties
Debating change for broadly symbolic purposes
Are we being played by Wilson-Raybould?
Structuring debates for TV only serves Harder
Social media’s influence on QP is why we can’t have nice things
Will Trudeau’s agenda face a reckoning in the Senate?
Will “adjacent debates” actually improve Parliament?
Can the federal government deal with the skills gap?
Border falsehoods and dangerous wedges
Why do we keep giving the Conservatives a pass on basic economics?
The Ontario Liberals and the siren song of one-member-one-vote
Whatever happened to prorogation?
Do Canadian expats need their own seats in Parliament?
Trudeau’s PMQ road show
Serene and accepting, or really just neglecting?
Is there a looming jobs crisis? Maybe.