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CPP Investments head pitches Calgary business crowd on benefits of staying in CPP

CALGARY — The head of CPP Investments says Albertans should not want to lose the benefits of the Canada Pension Plan.

CEO John Graham, who leads the professional organization that manages the Canada Pension Plan Fund, made the pitch to a Calgary business crowd Tuesday.

He said there is a strong business and public policy case for Albertans to stay with what he called an established global investment fund with a proven track record.

He said as a large fund, the Canada Pension Plan offers the benefit of risk pooling and diversification, which helps it weather economic downturns and changing demographics.

He added the CPP is also portable, meaning Albertans can take their pension with them if they choose to retire out-of-province. 

Under Premier Danielle Smith, Alberta is taking a look at a plan for the province to exit the Canada Pension Plan and set up its own provincial alternative. 

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Nov. 14, 2023.

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