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Jason Kenney focused on separating Canada from PM Trudeau

  Jason Kenney lobbed a political grenade about the threat of Alberta separatism at the beginning of the August long weekend.  Then he tweeted happy uplifting messages from Edmonton’s Heritage Days and a big powwow celebration for the rest of the holiday. It was just another week of Kenney’s increasing efforts to create turmoil in […]

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Time Once Again for my anti-Gag Law Rant

  I must be a sucker for lost causes, otherwise why would I waste my time writing this column to defend free election speech? And yes, in Canada, free election speech is definitely a lost cause. As a matter of fact, over the years, Canadian governments have imposed an array of rules, regulations and restrictions […]

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Exit plans and expulsions

  There were two stories last week in the news about senators, and each has a related theme about how one leaves the Chamber for good.  One of those stories was an exit interview with Conservative Senator Raynell Andreychuk as she reaches mandatory retirement, and some of the comments that she made around that.  The other […]

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Introducing: The Entitlement Party!

  What do you do when the “traditional parties” forget that it’s their job to look after our interests, since looking out for our own interests is apparently out of the question?  Why, you write opinion articles calling for a new party, one that is dedicated to grass roots principles, environmentally conscious management and responsible evidence-based […]

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In the cost-of-living election, advantage goes to Tories

  If you’ve spent enough time on #cdnpoli Twitter, you’ve probably encountered multiple members of the group of outspoken public policy experts unofficially known as the Economist Party of Canada.  This group is characterized not only by its members’ deep knowledge of economics, statistics, and behavioural science, but by their frustration when Canada’s elected officials […]

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Relitigating electoral reform

  As we approach the next election, one particular item keeps being resurrected, both by journalists and partisans alike, as an example of one of Justin Trudeau’s most visible broken promises – electoral reform.  This week, we learned that the petition submitted to Parliament with the most signatures had to do with this very topic, […]

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Gerry’s Return

  Oh Gerry, how can we miss you if you aren’t actually gone? In what has to rank among the least surprising of political events in Canada, Gerald Butts is back in the good books of the governing Liberals, returning to power as a senior player on Justin Trudeau’s re-election campaign.  While he hasn’t reclaimed […]

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Sustainability of Canadian agriculture becoming a national issue

  Don’t play with your food. It’s an early lesson parents teach but one that politicians need to learn to navigate a coming political hot topic. The Weather Network’s foray into proposing Canadians eat less meat to reduce carbon emissions showed how fast the beef lobby can move when it’s attacked from even a pretty […]

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