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Military-Style Raid on Gopher Hunters Deserves Answers

  Gopher hunting is a regular pastime in rural Alberta, with a built-in by-product of reducing the many holes that cause serious injury to livestock.  Many kids are paid by farmers for their tails, and adults regularly join in when there’s not much else to do. It’s a harmless pastime that rarely warrants a game […]

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Singh’s Lack of Cents

  Money might be the root of all evil, but in politics, it’s also the root of all success. After all, without money a political campaign can’t do all the stuff political campaigns must do to win elections, i.e. pay to commission polls, rent office space, hire staffers, purchase lawns signs, buy media ads, etc. […]

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Liberal’s moral high ground on LGBTQ issues no guarantee of electoral success

  For years now, progressive political parties in Canada have been blessed with one enduring electoral advantage.  That of course, is the inevitable occurrence of at least one ‘bozo eruption’ from a right-of-center, conservative candidate disparaging about LGBTQ people in one way or another. For instance, in 2004, Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin was trailing […]

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Canadians are skeptical for ever-higher immigration

  Another week in Canada, another poll showing Canadians wary on immigration.  This one coming from the CBC which had put to 3,100 Canadians: ‘do you think we should accept more refugees?’ and ‘do you think too much immigration is bad for Canada?’  Both got sizeable majorities in the affirmative; a result broadly echoed in poll after poll this past year. […]

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Are we sure we want these reforms solidified?

  A few days ago, the diligent number-crunchers at the Hill Times calculated that over the course of the next parliament, some 24 senators will reach mandatory retirement, assuming that none decide to bow out earlier than that for health or other reasons.  That means that essentially one quarter of the Upper Chamber is due to […]

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Another week, another Conservative promise to do nothing for the climate

  Remember a while back when there was all that consternation about this being a climate change election, and how nobody but the Liberals wanted that?  Well, guess who is once again making the election about climate change. C’mon, guess!  You won’t believe this, but it’s Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer.  Again. This week, Scheer fired off […]

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Toronto Star crosses line for stigmatizing mental health issues

  “Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.” I know that bit of wisdom isn’t a gem the Lawton family can exclusively lay claim to, though I can still hear it rather clearly from my mother – and another variation from her mother. It’s important advice in lots of areas, not the least of which […]

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Conservatives “the party of the uneducated?”

  Contrary to a university professor’s snide remark deriding Conservatives, every vote matters in an election, from a garbageman to a neurosurgeon Various academic studies in the U.S. have examined a voter’s level of education and juxtaposed it with his/her political preferences.  In most cases, voters with more education tend to lean liberal rather than […]

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