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Singh Needs to Rev up the NDP “Momentum Train”

  Remember when the biggest political news story in the country was federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh’s resounding by-election victory? Well, a lot of political water has certainly gone under the bridge since then, hasn’t it? And in theory, you’d think all that water would be lifting Singh and the NDP to a higher political […]

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Hey Justin, look at Marc Garneau to learn how to handle a crisis

  In politics, you always try to establish clear contrasts to allow the voters to make the comparison and decide in your favour.  Sometimes, these contrasts are established by your opponents.  Sometimes, the contrast is coming from within your own ranks. That is exactly what came to my mind this week as the government was […]

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The (Obvious) Difference Between Trudeau And Ford

  The NDP are the kind of party who don’t just hope lightning will strike twice.  They practically count on it. At a time when everyone is fixated on, or at least vaguely aware of, the sideshow in Ottawa, and when federal Opposition leaders are shooting the moon calling for resignations and public inquiries, the […]

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Kenney and Trudeau misstep with female voters

  There’s a fine line Canadian politicians must walk to appeal to women voters. Justin Trudeau on the national stage and Jason Kenney in Alberta are both flailing a bit on that feminist balance beam. Pollsters have their eyes trained on Justin Trudeau’s female approval ratings.  The recent SNC Lavalin scandal which saw two of […]

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Trudeau should lift the gag order on Wilson-Raybould

  Failing to do so creates the horrible image of a government unwilling to get to the bottom of an important controversy The House of Commons justice committee heard the testimonies of former principal secretary Gerald Butts, Privy Council clerk Michael Wernick and deputy justice minister Nathalie Drouin last week.  They provided different accounts to […]

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Liberal committee shenanigans will allow Trudeau to weather the SNC-Lavalin scandal

  Despite the procedural showdowns and partisan frenzy — all justifiable, I might add — the public interest in the SNC-Lavalin scandal is waning.  While it’s a legitimate scandal with important and still-unanswered questions, we’re fast approaching the point at which the affair becomes old news. And even with Andrew Scheer’s stern call for Justin […]

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