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Does the CPC fear their grassroots members?

  As quickly as he was back in the race, he was out of it again. I’m speaking, of course, about Jim Karahalios and his revolving door candidacy for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada. On Wednesday, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice nullified Karahalios’ March disqualification from the Conservative leadership race.  On […]

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40 years ago Canada came close to breaking apart

  Against the sweeping passage of time and the momentous events in world history, the Canadian experience is often deemed dull and dreary; unexciting and uneventful. It is a rather unfortunate misconception that pervades the mindset of far too many of our citizens. Sure, Canadian history may lack (thankfully) the comparative violence and conflict rife […]

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Alberta’s oil sand production is up in the air

  Premier Jason Kenney is railing about the injustice of international forces that are massed against Alberta’s oil sands. Norway’s sovereign investment fund has cut off investments to four prominent oil firms on the basis that the production of oil sands oil is too carbon intensive. Joe Biden has vowed to rescind approval for the […]

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Andrew Scheer is still around, for some reason

  Is there a less impressive politician in our time than Andrew Scheer? The Conservative has once again proven what a monumental flop he is.  This time, by admitting that the process he, surely, started to renounce his American citizenship was something he abandoned once he was not given the job of prime minister. Scheer […]

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The biggest concern during COVID-19? Businesses that collapse after the lockdown measures are relaxed

  The federal government and its provincial counterparts have introduced emergency relief measures to protect individuals and businesses during COVID-19.  All of them were understandable and necessary on a short-term basis. That being said, most Canadian politicians would agree with former Ontario premier Bob Rae’s May 7 statement on CBC News Network’s Power & Politics that “no […]

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MPs on PROC not letting a good crisis go to waste

  On Friday, the Procedure and House Affairs Committee tabled its report on how to conduct parliamentary business in the course of a global pandemic, and much of it was about what you’d expect from a parliamentary committee – some general agreement that Parliament is vital and that pandemics are bad, but the extent to which […]

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Should taxpayers subsidize political parties in tough times? No way!!

  I’m sure most people won’t shed too many tears about this, but Canada’s political parties will likely soon be facing a massive cash crunch.  After all, even in the best of times, fundraising for political parties is a difficult task, but during a scary pandemic, the job of persuading citizens to open up their […]

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Armed blockades were completely illegal

  Armed police officers stopping people who were doing nothing wrong, and turning them away. It’s happened a lot, during this pandemic.  It’s happened in Canada, too. For weeks, for example, Quebec’s government put police on bridges leading from Ontario into Quebec.  Thousands of people were stopped.  Most got through, but thousands were turned back. […]

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