0325 senate communications

Which came first: Senate independence or improvements?

On Monday, Independent Senator Elaine McCoy wrote an op-ed for Macleans.ca which stated that the Senate has shown remarkable improvement since its move toward greater independence, and to prove her case, she offered two metrics – the increased number of amendments being proffered, and the timeliness by which legislation is passing through the Upper Chamber. […]

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Premier Wynne

Wynne’s speech means game on for the Ontario election

At the start of a baseball game there is a ceremonial first pitch.  Some local hero, politician, or team alumnus gets to head to the mound and throw one for fun to home plate.  It of course doesn’t count towards the actual game but tells everyone watching that we are about to get underway. Last […]

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Canadian Politics Is Mostly About #BlamingTheOpposition, Not The Government

  You may have seen the hashtag #BlameTheOpposition on Canadian Twitter during these past few months as the Conservative Party of Canada reacts to Liberal attempts to make the CPC’s alleged extremism the issue rather than Trudeau and his boneheaded foul-ups. The recognition of this tactic is a step forward for Canada’s conservative movement in […]

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Andrew Scheer 3
NAFTA, North American Free Trade Agreement

NAFTA renegotiations don’t care about you

Even before “populism” became the world’s most fashionable adjective, Canada’s political discourse was clearly moving in a direction of deference to the common man. Talk of “taxpayers” is now ubiquitous when speaking of government spending.  Health care reformists constantly profess the need to put “patients first.”  The tough-on-crime crowd calls for “victim-centric” justice.  Recently-departed CRTC […]

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How the Google memo may affect Trudeau’s feminist affirmative action

  As the decrepit mainstream media vilifies James Damore — the ex-Googler excommunicated from the tech cult — and his “screed”, more reasonable journalists are discussing the compelling arguments presented in Damore’s treatise. For those who still need a summary, Damore systematically presented the science behind the general biological differences in abilities and affinities of […]

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Political uncertainty has arrived in Saskatchewan

When the New Democratic Party (or its predecessor, the CCF) established itself as a governing force in a province, partisans to their right usually reacted by uniting in order to keep the socialist hordes at bay. In British Columbia, the BC Liberals are the “free enterprise coalition”, a coalition of liberals and conservatives designed to […]

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0325 senate communications

Recalling the romance with Triple-E

Upon his retirement last week, Ontario Conservative Senator Bob Runciman listed the lack of movement on Senate reform as one of his greatest regrets, prompting some of the pundit class to wonder if Senate reform was now well and truly dead, and whatever happened to the grand visions of a Triple-E Senate? While I might […]

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trudeau box

Will Trudeau finally pay the price for his arrogance?

Indigenous leaders were upset about Trudeau’s comments about his boxing match with Patrick Brazeau. Some called him arrogant; others, racist TORONTO, Ont./Troy Media/ – Every political hack remembers where they were when the first black man was elected president of the United States, when Nelson Mandela was freed from a South African prison or (more […]

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A tale of two Carolines and their impeccable political pedigrees

Brian Mulroney’s daughter, Caroline, wants to run in the next Ontario election. She  shares may characteristics of another Caroline, JFK’s daughter TORONTO, Ont. /Troy Media/ – An intriguing new figure entered the Canadian political arena last week. Caroline Mulroney, daughter of former prime minister Brian Mulroney, will seek the Ontario Progressive Conservative nomination for the […]

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