Was Mario Dion the only Ethics Commissioner candidate?

  After Question Period on Monday, Government House Leader Bardish Chagger tabled the nomination certificate for Mario Dion in the role of Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner, the first name put forward after a process that has lasted almost 18 months and has forced outgoing Commissioner Mary Dawson to have her term extended three […]

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Don’t Count Out the Wynne Liberals

  Things are finally looking rosy for the long-suffering Ontario Progressive Conservative Party. Its arch nemesis, the Liberal Party, is sinking in the polls; its brain trust recently released a well-received, allegedly attack-proof policy platform, and its leader, Patrick Brown, even sports a nifty new haircut. All signs which surely point to an easy PC […]

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0325 senate communications

Who should sponsor bills in the Senate?

  As more government bills move to the Senate, the push for independent senators to sponsor them grows.  If things were normal in the Senate, it would be a member of the government’s caucus who did this job – but there are government caucus members.  And when it comes to bills introduced in the Senate […]

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jerusalem 2

On Jerusalem, Ottawa plays it safe

  As expected, U.S. President Donald Trump announced on Wednesday his plan to move the American embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, in recognition of the latter city as Israel’s capital.  Echoing carefully worded statements from the governments of France, the United Kingdom and

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No bites (300 dpi)

Trudeau, trade and the jungle out there

Years ago I came across a line attributed to Rudyard Kipling that if you go into the jungle, you must know what size beast you are.  I’ve never been able to source it properly, but if I ever do, I’ll definitely send a copy to Justin Trudeau, whose effortless swinging from vine to foreign vine […]

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Tories talk tough on terrorists, while playing silly games

  What is it with the Conservatives that makes them so unable to do something without being ridiculous. I could be talking about all sorts of things, but in this case I’m referring to the motion put forward this week by the federal party, looking to condemn the government for its handling of returning ISIS […]

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Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 10.13.02 PM

Canada’s economic dilemma: resource rich, investment poor

  Across the country, governments seem intent on discouraging investment, and that hurts job creation, productivity and wage growth What drives business investment?  Even after the precipitous decline in the price of oil in the second half of 2014, the answer in Canada is still natural resources. As newly-released data from Statistics Canada shows, in […]

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When speech isn’t free, society pays a high price

A recent incident at the University provides a glimpse of what the future may hold for Canadian post-secondary education – and it ain’t pretty At one time, universities respected free speech and the exchange of different ideas.  Intellectual discourse and thought-provoking debates were viewed as healthy, vibrant and treasured. Unfortunately, speech isn’t nearly as free […]

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Trudeau Foundation

Trudeau’s faux scandals are self-inflicted

  For weeks, we’ve been enduring the constant faux-outrage over Bill Morneau’s assets, and the escalating ridiculousness of the myriad of supposed offences that he has committed.  That the Conservatives escalated things to the point of demanding Morneau’s resignation last week – while not able to provide much in the way of concrete examples as […]

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ship wreck

NDP shipwrecks in Atlantic Canada

The New Democratic Party is engulfed in stormy weather on the Atlantic Coast.  The four provinces, which were showing lots of promises for the social-democrats not that long ago, are now a huge challenge for the orange team. On Monday Nov. 27, PEI NDP Leader Mike Redmond’s by-election campaign failed to capture the imagination of […]

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