When you dangle a political carrot, someone will take a bite

Kevin O’Leary was right about voter fraud, but his mudslinging has also opened the door to further Tory leadership campaign nastiness and that serves no one TORONTO, Ont. /Troy Media/ – Financial commentator Kevin O’Leary isn’t my choice to be the next federal Conservative leader.  He’s one of the recognized front-runners but I don’t think […]

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Kathleen Wynne

Wynne needs to school her opponents

  I want to tell you about the governor of a large industrial state.  He’s a Democrat, elected as the third term of a moderate Democrat in an historically Republican state.  His state was hit hard by the Great Recession, but today the state’s economic growth is leading the country, and he aims to balance […]

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0325 senate communications

Getting expulsion right means being patient

  The sordid tale of Senator Don Meredith and the release of the Senate Ethics Officer’s report into his conduct has prompted universal condemnation and calls from all sides for his resignation.  But with Meredith unwilling to leave of his own accord, we are about to see a test of the Senate’s ability to police […]

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The Rebel Rickrolls the Canadian Media Again

By now I suspect most readers have at least heard of the controversy over The Rebel’s Gavin McInnes saying anti-semitic comments in a vlog post last weekend, while the right-wing media organization was doing a tour in Israel.  In the now infamous video, McInnes asserts the trip was “basically a brainwashing” exercise funded by the […]

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Why are we so eager to take the politics out of politics?

Wouldn’t you know it, that dastardly Justin Trudeau is at it again.  Playing politics with the internal politics of his political party.  In what’s become a familiar refrain, the prime minister and his office were accused of playing favourites in a pair of nomination races. But the idea that there’s something nefarious with a party […]

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Mad Max: Beyond Blunderdome

  Lately I’ve been gaining a bit of notoriety as the weirdo who pours milk on myself (and who does other crazy things too) in a series of videos I’ve posted making fun of the Maxime Bernier campaign on #cdnpoli and #cpcldr. In addition to uncomfortable laughter and praise, I’ve been asked a few recurring […]

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trump 2

How to fight the right, one committed citizen after another

The only way we can stop the forces of division and hate is to get organized, go grassroots and show up – again and again TORONTO, Ont. /Troy Media/ – How can you – a regular person who isn’t all that involved in politics and who lives in another country, no less – oppose the […]

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Canada’s contribution to the environment means very little

Trudeau can go blue in the face talking about Canada’s crucial role in protecting the environment, but it is only political rhetoric TORONTO, Ont./Troy Media/ – Most Canadians are worried about the environment in some way, shape or form. Opinion research firms have shown this on multiple occasions.  For instance, a November 2015 Nanos Research […]

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No, we don’t need a more “efficient” Commons

Late last week, the Government House Leader, Bardish Chagger, released a discussion paper that looked at ways to reform the rules of the House of Commons in a bid to make things run a little more efficiently.  I won’t pan the entire paper because there are a few needed changes in there that I would […]

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Should voters get to fire politicians outside elections?

We need to talk about resignations of elected officials in this country.  Three recent examples come to mind. Don Meredith, an Ontario Conservative senator and evangelical pastor, is blasted in a report by the Senate Ethics Officer for an “inappropriate relationship” with a teenager.  In the past, he was also accused of inappropriate sexual advances […]

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