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Trudeau is a Prisoner of his Own Personality

  About 400 years ago, Italian diplomat and politician, Niccolò Machiavelli, wrote: “Whosoever desires constant success must change his conduct with the times.” In other words, you must adapt your actions to a match an ever changing environment. Makes sense, right? But alas, that helpful bit of advice is likely impossible for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to […]

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Politicians should let the cops do their job

  Can the politicians tell the police to take down the barricades? If not, why not? Those are the two questions that have been mooted for more than two weeks now.  Around the nation’s water coolers, in just about every Tim Horton’s, frustrated and angry Canadians – Indigenous and otherwise – have been wondering what, […]

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The Buffalo Declaration is a ridiculous farce

  On Thursday evening, Conservative MP Michelle Rempel Garner – with the endorsement of three fellow Conservative MPs – released what she calls the “Buffalo Declaration” – a manifesto that outlines the grievances of Alberta (and to a lesser extent Saskatchewan), claiming that they are unfairly treated within Confederation, and purports to lay out some […]

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Justin Trudeau’s dress rehearsal for Mean Girls

  Mean Girls made its broadway debut not too long ago, but I didn’t know the production was coming to Ottawa as well. What else explains Justin Trudeau’s decision to exclude Conservative leader Andrew Scheer from the meeting of all – well, almost all – party leaders on how to deal with the rash of […]

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Alberta government in deep water over confrontation with GPs

  Alberta Health Minister Tyler Shandro is wading into deep water with his current confrontation with the province’s general practitioners over pay. Armed with volumes of graphs and figures showing the province’s doctors are overpaid, Shandro is proposing a fairly major overhaul of physician compensation.  A first attempt at voluntary mediation on a new deal […]

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Crisis after crisis: what is Justin Trudeau thinking?

  2020 has not been easy for the Justin Trudeau 2.0 government. It has been hit by crisis after crisis. First, 57 Canadian citizens and 29 permanent residents of Canada were killed, along with other passengers and crew of Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752, when it was shot down by at least one missile from […]

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Like father like son?

  “Well, welcome to the 1980s!” These were the words that sprang forth from a triumphant Pierre Trudeau, forty years ago on the evening of February 18, 1980, after he secured a resounding victory in the election polls that day. It was a significant moment for the elder Trudeau. After serving as Prime Minister for […]

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