Depending on who wins, the next Tory leader could offer a massive challenge to elite thinking

The election of Donald Trump has preoccupied American commentators and journalists with deep and important questions about the intersections of culture, economics, politics, and indeed life itself.  You can open any American magazine, newspaper, or website at the moment and read fascinating essays about the economic malaise of the rust belt, the breakdown of white […]

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Trudeau playing politics with a familiar cynicism

It was inevitable, I guess, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s promises of a new era open and transparent government would be cast aside. At a certain point, a government will find itself facing questions it doesn’t want to answer, so it won’t answer them.  It’s easier, in the short run, to stonewall a reporter or two […]

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The Conservative Party has gone missing, maybe for good

The political party that once dominated Canada is back to being mean, miserly, nasty, brutish and short-sighted TORONTO, Ont. /Troy Media/ – Anyone seen the Conservative Party of Canada? They were here just a minute ago.  Had just about half the seats in the House of Commons.  Forty per cent of the vote, give or […]

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Nathan Cullen

Bipartisanship is not a Canadian value

Last week in what was calculated to appear as a conciliatory gesture, NDP democratic reform critic Nathan Cullen put out a press release offering to “co-draft” the electoral reform bill with new minister Karina Gould, in what he termed as the “spirit of bipartisanship.”  His whole release should have raised red flags, but raising the […]

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Ontario PC