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Will Mary Dawson need to stick around forever?

For over three years, two successive governments have been looking to replace the federal Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner.  Mary Dawson’s initial term expired in 2014, and was given a three-year extension, the first of which expired in December and was renewed for another six months.  Those six months expire in July, and Dawson […]

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Winter disconnect

Hey Patrick Brown: Close doesn’t count in elections

So, I don’t know what the heck is going on in British Columbia.  I don’t know who’s going to be Premier two weeks from now or what the seat breakdown will be.  I don’t know why Christy Clark declared victory, why John Horgan told his faithful to wait out the vote counting, and why there […]

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Prescription Drugs

We need evidence based solutions for opioid crisis

Our political parties have become increasingly polarized.  We are a point in history where the opposition will reject legislation and policies that are clearly in the best interests of the country simply because it is a different party putting the idea forward. It is uplifting and opens the door to hope when a bill like […]

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trump 2

The rise of the disaffected white working class

  The white working poor are traumatized by the loss of jobs, loss of control and the loss of how things used to be TORONTO, Ont. /Troy Media/ – The guests at the event at the Royal Canadian Military Institute, just down University Avenue from the barricaded U.S. Consulate, were buzzing.  Not about Christy Clark’s […]

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Cultural appropriation controversy is entirely about free speech

  The only route to a better appreciation of the cultures in Canada is through exposure, questioning, expressing opinions – even if those opinions are wrong TORONTO, Ont. /Troy Media/ – If there’s ever going to be a watershed moment in protecting free speech in Canada, the recent controversy surrounding cultural appropriation could fit the […]

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Where is the courage of our MPs?

It’s not an uncommon story in our Parliament, but one that we’ve seen play out again in recent weeks, and we’re about to see play out yet again in the weeks to come.  That story is the tendency of MPs to avoid scrutinizing bills because of popular backlash, and instead, they offload that job onto […]

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Jagmeet Singh’s leadership bid will test Canadian tolerance

  Later today the political class will feign surprise, as the poorly kept secret of Jagmeet Singh’s bid to become federal NDP leader becomes public knowledge.  I’ve known this was coming for months, meaning countless people must have known for longer than that.  That has given me time to think about his leadership bid, and […]

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Post election, the dating game begins in BC politics

With 5 seats still in play, we won’t know the final results of the BC election for at least another 10 days, but the courting of the Green Party by both Liberal Premier Christy Clark and New Democrat leader John Horgan has begun.  The last time British Columbians elected a minority government was in 1952. […]

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Tinker, Tailor, Sorry, Guys

Last week Trudeau’s technocratic tinkering continued with Ottawa giving universities an ultimatum that they either ensure their distribution of federal academic grants better mirror Canada’s demography or risk their research funding yanked.  Forget competition and meritocracy as the determinants in awarding funding, universities must now discriminate between things like skin colour and sex of applicants […]

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In the middle of an election, London is oddly quiet

  LONDON—British Prime Minister Teresa May called a general election seeking to strengthen her hand as her country looks to exit the EU.  For an election of such supposedly high stakes, things here in London seem oddly languid. It’s odd, in the week I’ve been here, the subject of the election hasn’t come up once. […]

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