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PCPO is a shitshow

  From a government in waiting to a side line circus. A total lack of leadership within the party. On Friday, interim Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Vic Fedeli decided to remove Patrick Brown from caucus indicating that he would have to sit as an Independent.  The only problem with this move is that the same […]

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Opposition in the Senate is more vital than you think

  On Tuesday evening, Independent Senator Marc Gold gave a speech in the Chamber about the proposal put forward by Government Leader in the Senate – err, “government representative” Senator Peter Harder around his proposals for “sober second thinking.”  Gold saw Harder’s contribution to the debate around Senate modernization as “constructive” and he welcomed it […]

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NDP grassroots looking to ditch monarchy for a President of Canada

You may not have noticed, but the federal NDP policy convention is coming up this weekend in Ottawa.  This year’s resolutions, available in this handy PDF, call for official status for Indigenous languages, a full restoration of public funding for political parties, turning Election Day into a national holiday, and including “the voice of workers” […]

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Patrick Brown got exactly the amount of due process he deserved

  People would still have you believe that in his inglorious ousting from the leadership of the Progressive Conservatives, Patrick Brown was denied his sacred right to due process. Here, just this week, the Toronto Sun published an editorial “Due process casualty in Brown scandal.”  The argument goes, essentially, that Brown was accused of some bad behaviour, but […]

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Time is running out for Singh as NDP members gather in Ottawa

2,000 New Democrats will gather this week in Ottawa for their biennial Convention.  The last time they did, they left Edmonton leaderless and divided over a proposal from outsiders: the Leap manifesto. This is the opportunity for New Democrats to layout the direction of the Party under the new Leadership of Jagmeet Singh as the […]

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Ontario PCs floundering on conservative policy

The Ontario PCs seem to have avoided their habit of blasting away at their own feet in opting for a fair transparent leadership contest with several plausible candidates.  But it remains an open question whether the party knows its left from its right foot. Watching the candidates in action, including at the just-concluded 2018 Manning […]

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The Conservative Empathy Gambit

  When Stephen Harper released a statement on why he let a former MP run in the 2015 federal election despite allegations of sexual misconduct, it generated some nasty feedback. One-time Liberal strategist Rob Silver, for instance, replied to Harper on Twitter thusly: “I assume the part where you show even an ounce of empathy for […]

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Chris Stockwell was a breath of fresh air in Canadian politics

Former Ontario MPP Chris Stockwell, who died at age 60 after a battle with cancer, was a political maverick who loved to speak his mind Whenever I go to the Ontario legislature, I make a point of stopping at Chris Stockwell’s official portrait. It always brings a smile to my face when I see it. […]

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Reflections on questions of Senate independence

  Over the weekend, I was on a panel at the Manning Centre networking conference in Ottawa on the Senate, where the question was asked how independent the institution is – and how independent it should be.  It’s a question that everyone is grappling with as institutional change is underway, and it’s one that we […]

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