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The anti-racist speech Jason Kenney should give

  Jason Kenney just can’t catch a break.  As if explaining some untoward inter-candidate correspondence wasn’t enough, the leader of Alberta’s United Conservative Party (UCP), then comes Caylan Ford, the party’s now ex-candidate for Calgary–Mountain View, caught grousing about the “demographic replacement of white peoples . . . This content is restricted to subscribers

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The UCP Shoots Themselves In Their Lead Foot

  Ah, sweet memories, when Ontario was the political and fiscal basket case of Canada, justly derided by the West as the guys who were wrecking it for everybody.  Remember when Kathleen Wynne paraded into Alberta’s Ledge to lecture Westerners on the environment and was roundly bashed for doing so?  Remember when Tim Hudak was reduced to […]

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Alberta election shaping up to be a battle royale

  This time it’s personal. Alberta Premier Rachel Notley called the provincial election on Tuesday, and signalled she will go toe to toe with her foe Jason Kenney on who is fit to be premier. With Kenney’s UCP mired in scandal, Notley used words including ‘cheat’ and ‘lie’ in her inaugural campaign speech when discussing […]

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Middle class, middle class and let’s not forget the middle class

  With its 2019 budget, the Liberal government is doubling down on its strategy to target the middle class, if only with its rhetoric.  They are investing in the middle class, they say.  They want to grow and strengthen the middle class and those working hard to join it, they say.  In fact, Bill Morneau […]

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Is Jody Wilson-Raybould setting up for a leadership challenge?

Last week, Jody Wilson-Raybould released an open letter to her constituents which was very interesting in what it said, both explicitly and implicitly.  There have been many questions to Justin Trudeau as to whether he would allow both Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott to remain in caucus after they expressed a lack of confidence in his leadership […]

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Singh Needs to Rev up the NDP “Momentum Train”

  Remember when the biggest political news story in the country was federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh’s resounding by-election victory? Well, a lot of political water has certainly gone under the bridge since then, hasn’t it? And in theory, you’d think all that water would be lifting Singh and the NDP to a higher political […]

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Hey Justin, look at Marc Garneau to learn how to handle a crisis

  In politics, you always try to establish clear contrasts to allow the voters to make the comparison and decide in your favour.  Sometimes, these contrasts are established by your opponents.  Sometimes, the contrast is coming from within your own ranks. That is exactly what came to my mind this week as the government was […]

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The (Obvious) Difference Between Trudeau And Ford

  The NDP are the kind of party who don’t just hope lightning will strike twice.  They practically count on it. At a time when everyone is fixated on, or at least vaguely aware of, the sideshow in Ottawa, and when federal Opposition leaders are shooting the moon calling for resignations and public inquiries, the […]

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