Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meets with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto in his office on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Tuesday, June 28, 2016. (Sean Kilpatrick/CP)

Trudeau’s betrayal of Mexico smells of desperation

Trudeau’s betrayal makes Canadians look like they will turn on their allies, even after they repeatedly said they never would How desperate is Justin Trudeau to keep a North American trade agreement?  Pretty desperate. The Mexicans likely marveled about this once or twice as they welcomed the Canadian prime minister to Mexico City last week […]

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Kathleen Wynne

New Liberal ad bets on people, policy, and Premier Wynne

This week the Ontario Liberal party launched its first election ad of the campaign.  It may have surprised some pundits that Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is front and center in the ad.  With her personal popularity continuing to sit in third among three leaders, putting Wynne upfront in the ad is definitely a calculated risk. […]

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Patrick Brown: A Donald Trump Jr.?

  According to the Liberal Party of Ontario, Patrick Brown has been channeling his inner Donald Trump lately by adopting the U.S. President’s dirty style of politics.  (No, clean politics isn’t an oxymoron, as Justin “Sunny Ways” Trudeau proves everyday with his smiles and socks.)  I mean, all this time, all the signs have been […]

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Message control and the damage it’s doing

For months now, the government has managed to step all over their message when it comes to tax reform, and the various aspects around it, compounded by the various and sundry unforced errors around Bill Morneau’s ethics disclosures – and that’s before you even throw the Netflix deal into the mix.  But one of the […]

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0325 senate communications

No more free passes for Independent Senators Group

The Independent Senators Group has decided that going forward, they will start voting on whether or not to accept new members with a 60 percent threshold to be admitted.  This was one of the first orders of business with the new leadership of the ISG, senators Yuen Pau Woo and Raymonde Saint-Germain, as they start […]

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Trudeau fosters regional tension

  If you want to know what’s wrong with this country, well, there are books and books you could read.  Or, to save time, just peruse Justin Trudeau’s statement on the end of the Energy East pipeline project. It began with a tweet, a suitably vacuous format for a vacuous leader in a vacuous age. […]

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joly 2

Melanie Joly’s stunning incompetencies

The federal heritage minister made a mess of the Netflix decision, Canada’s 150th birthday celebration and a Holocaust memorial Does she have photos of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a compromising position?  Does he owe her a lot of money?  Is she holding hostage a member of his family? There’s no longer any other rational […]

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Merger consolidating separatist vote in Quebec

A minor shift is occurring on the Quebec political scene that could have major repercussions for the remaining parties.  Quebec Solidaire and Option Nationale, a small, radical separatist party, have announced their merger.  The move needs to be ratified by the 17,000 QS members and by the 2,000 ON members, but most believe it will […]

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Energy East and the death knell of free market conservatism

The demise of the Energy East pipeline has amped up the political rhetoric, not only in Ottawa but in provincial capitals and even cities like Montreal, but lost in this discussion seems to be some actual economics that need to be considered.  And while some people will be quick to point that TransCanada themselves blamed […]

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