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Election baggage (300 dpi)

The dubious value of voting at sixteen

  Canada’s interim Chief Electoral Officer has been floating the idea of lowering the voting age to 16 in order to encourage better voting habits among youth.  While this may sound like a plausible scenario on the surface, I have to wonder if we’ve really thought about this proposition, especially when you look at the […]

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Jagmeet Singh’s strange obsession is weighing down the NDP

  Jagmeet Singh’s great potential as a prime ministerial candidate was his capacity to build a broad coalition as an inspiring symbol of modern multiculturalism, not unlike Barack Obama.  His political career is now faltering as it becomes clear that was never his actual goal. Evidence is increasingly abundant that the defining cause of Singh’s […]

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Andrea makes her move

  With the Progressive Conservatives leading in the polls, despite Doug Ford, and Kathleen Wynne’s unfavourable ratings hitting new highs, Andrea Horwath is making bold moves to stakeout the left side of the electorate and position the Ontario NDP as the best alternative to replace the Liberal Government and stop Doug Ford.  As I pointed […]

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Trudeau’s World is Getting a Bit Darker

  Maybe I’m just caught up in the throes of nostalgia, but it seems to me when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau first came to power in 2015, Canada was a much happier, much more cheerful place than it is now. Certainly back then a sense of optimism and idealism dominated our national consciousness – it’s […]

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Trudeau hides his vision for Canada’s future under his kurta

Not too long ago, for a brand-new head of government to be compared to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would have been a great compliment.  It meant you were young, fresh, pluralistic, telegenic – the very model of a modern small-l liberal.  Plus it would provide a flood of earned media once the two of you […]

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Kenney’s carbon tax and constitutional rhetoric doesn’t match reality

  Since taking his seat in the Alberta legislature as leader of the province’s official opposition, Jason Kenney has renewed his social media crusade against carbon taxes.  According to Kenney, instituting these taxes were supposed to buy the “social licence” necessary to get new pipelines approved, and with protests still happening with the Kinder Morgan […]

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Why Doug Won’t Win

  I thought that choosing Doug Ford was the worst case scenario for the PC party going into Saturday.  I was wrong. Choosing Doug Ford while looking disorganized, divided, and having Frank Klees try to burn down the party on live TV, was definitely worse than just picking Doug.  After the circus settled, the PC […]

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