With cabinet shuffle, Trudeau getting ready for ‘Sunny Ways 2019’

  Here’s a surprise.  Justin Trudeau shuffled his cabinet with an eye to next year’s election.  The surprise is not allocating major executive branch posts with an eye to raw partisan advantage or that such conduct is taken for granted by pundits, and analyzed with an eye to its technical proficiency not its moral flaws. […]

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Trudeau shuffles cabinet with provincial conservatives on the move

15 months away from the election, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau decided it was time to shake things up in his cabinet by shuffling some people around. At the same time, he clearly wasn’t about to admit that he had made mistakes in his previous cabinet choices or that Ministers had not performed well.  Despite the […]

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For a good-faith border debate, drop these 5 misconceptions now

  For all the talk of what constitutes “un-Canadian” behaviour, the hunt for solutions to Canada’s border security problem has produced a discourse so classically Canadian that Mike Myers could have written it.  The discussion slid into a morass of partisan immaturity and intergovernmental buck-passing with perfect ease, to a depth that offers little hope […]

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If Conservatives Don’t Like Border Crossings, They Can Get Out!

  We Progressive Legacy Media Columnists and members of the #NeverFord #Resistance are extremely tolerant people, as befits Canadians.  We tolerate pretty much everything, except intolerance.  You could say that we’re intolerant of intolerance. Still, we’ve always tolerated conservatives in our midst.  We allow them to live and work here.  Some of our best friends […]

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Tories pointing the country down a dark path on refugees

  The Conservatives in both Ottawa and Toronto have at last done us the favour of revealing their true selves.  At the provincial and at the federal level, the Tories have now made clear they are against refugees.  Day after day, they move to an increasingly anti-migrant position. This week, the federal Conservatives posted a […]

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Liberals need to step-up and own the border crisis

It seems like just yesterday Justin Trudeau’s Liberals were chastising the Conservative government for avowing there was any such thing as Canadian values. My my, how things have changed. Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen took aim at his provincial counterpart in Ontario’s new government, Lisa MacLeod, last week, calling her “not Canadian” for criticizing the Liberals’ […]

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So far, Doug Ford is a disappointment

Early in his mandate, Doug Ford is already showing that “For the people” was just another empty slogan.  It would have been more honest and accurate if Ford had campaigned on “For my people”. A month in, it looks like Doug Ford’s top priority has been to cut deals with Conservative insiders and well-connected lobbyists. […]

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Why Ontario’s controversial sex-ed curriculum had to go

The process of drafting the Liberal curriculum looked, smelled and felt politicized at its very core Ontario Premier Doug Ford and the Progressive Conservative government announced last week that the controversial sex-ed curriculum, rolled out in 2015 by the previous Liberal government, would be repealed.  It’s a good decision. Elementary schools will revert back to […]

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Ontario’s Opposition Shackles Itself By Clinging To Tradition

  Having pulled off end-zone runs first on his own party, and then on the voters in the recent election, Doug Ford appears to be pulling off the same trick three times – this time by taking advantage of an utterly beleaguered opposition who still, Lord help them, don’t appear to understand how he keeps winning. […]

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