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The Ontario NDP Need to Grow Up

  Andrea Horwath’s NDP believe everything is fine and dandy in the province of Ontario.  Every cost-cutting measure the Ford government has brought forth thus far has been followed by a predictable NDP press release and hysterical rhetoric at Queen’s Park denouncing the “callous” move.   In spite of the news the provincial deficit is […]

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A Brief Deconstruction of “Organizing” In Canada

  It’s PCPO Convention weekend as I write this, and you know what THAT means: It means some unfortunates will have to get off their asses and actually organize stuff.  Since nobody in Canada actually likes organizing stuff, or has the first clue how to organize stuff, things have gone completely off the rails.  Prepare yourselves […]

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How much external oversight is too much external oversight?

  The debate over how much external oversight the Senate should be subject to is heating up again, as the Government Leader in the Senate – err, “government representative,” Senator Peter Harder, is going on tour across the country to insist that the proposed audit and oversight committee of the Senate contain external members.  Conservative […]

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The rest of Canada should keep rejecting the Olympics myth

  “You found forty thousand golden dragons for a champion’s purse, surely you can scrape together a few coppers to keep the king’s peace.”  So says Lord Eddard Stark in George R.R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones, unhappy at the prospect of a tournament planned in his own honour.  For the sake of the people […]

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Calgary 2026: The winners and losers

  There are winners and losers in most games. Now that Calgary voters have ended the city’s Olympic Games bid, the final score is up on the board. The worst plebiscite outcome would be a close vote and low turnout, Mayor Naheed Nenshi said before the vote. Tuesday night’s 56.4 per cent no vote on […]

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Justin Trudeau’s talk on press freedom falls flat

  There’s a cruel sort of irony in the way Justin Trudeau’s proclamation in support of press freedom went over this week. The prime minister was in Paris at a Reporters Without Borders event, there to affirm his belief in a free press, perhaps to contrast himself with the U.S. president. “If a democracy is […]

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Calgary 2026 comes up short

  Not even a bronze medal for the people trying to bring the Olympics back to Calgary in 2026. After a tense campaign, 56 per cent of Calgarians who voted in Tuesday’s plebiscite on whether to pursue a bid said no.  Though the vote is technically non-binding, the results were decisive enough for Mayor Naheed […]

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Canadian Conservatives ensnared by the #MeToo movement

  We’re supposed to be standard-bearers for traditional family values in western society. What happened? When the #MeToo movement began to pick up steam last October, most of the men accused of sexual harassment and/or sexual assault were on the political left.  As time goes by, more men on the political right are getting caught […]

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Affordable housing requires attention by municipalities

  Dear New Mayor or Councillor: First and foremost: congratulations on your election victory.  You have been entrusted by your neighbours to represent your community — well done. As the start of your term on December 1 rapidly approaches, no doubt your time and thoughts are consumed with setting your priorities.  The issues you decide […]

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