Importing a nativist rhetoric

As the rise in irregular asylum seekers crossing into Canada continues to dominate the news cycle, we’ve also seen a great deal of rhetoric also crossing over from south of the border, on both sides of the political spectrum.  Talk about “illegals” and “sanctuary cities” coming from either side of the debate are bringing a […]

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Winter disconnect

Relief brought to low-income Ontarians, but hydro will continue to charge debate

On Wednesday of the new spring session at Queen’s Park, the Liberals attempted to stanch some of the political bleeding of steadily rising hydro prices by unanimously passing Bill 95, the Protecting Vulnerable Consumers Act. This new legislation amended the Ontario Energy Board Act, giving the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) the new authority to demand […]

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Another broken Liberal promise: tax cuts for the middle class

  The Trudeau government’s list of broken campaign promises just keeps getting longer VANCOUVER,B.C./ Troy Media/ When a government breaks an election promise it usually attracts a fair bit of controversy.  Witness the hubbub in the aftermath of the Trudeau Liberals abandoning electoral reform.  With the federal budget coming soon, it is also worth recalling […]

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trump 2

Did Brian Mulroney just help strengthen Canada-U.S. relations?

The former PM likely used his association with Trump to get the president’s ear, work a little magic and ensure Trump’s meeting with Trudeau went smoothly TORONTO, Ont. /Troy Media/ – Last week’s meeting between Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and U.S. President Donald Trump was a success.  Relations between our two countries remains solid, […]

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Interlopers at the gates

As the Conservative leadership race continues to drag on, and with fourteen candidates still in the race, we’re getting a sense about the ways in which there has been a kind of debasement of the party in the process.  There are interlopers about, both inside and outside of the gates, and this whole episode is […]

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Liberals invent “Islamophobia” pandemic to hide their incompetence

The reason the Liberal Party’s motion on Islamophobia deserves to die has little to do with the motion itself, and what it will or won’t legally affect through its status a decree of Parliament, and everything to do with statement on Canadian society it seeks to make.  It’s a revealing window into the mindset of […]

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The NDP leadership has begun, but what if there’s nothing at stake?

Well, that took long enough. The phoney war phase of the New Democratic Party leadership race has finally come to an end. Peter Julian, the B.C. MP and former finance critic, announced this week he’s looking to lead the party, and formally kicked off his bid for the leadership.  He’s the first one to do […]

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Why Motion 103 Will Create More Islamaphobia, not Less

Motion 103, which essentially condemns irrational fear and criticism of Islam, is set to be debated this week in Parliament.  While the intentions of those who support the bill might be good — Canadians generally like to please — in reality, Motion 103 will stifle open inquiry and debate about religious accommodation in Canada, foster […]

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trump 2

Trump and Trudeau might just be able to work together

The Trudeau-Trump relationship could end up being closer to workable (Harper-Obama) than divisive (Diefenbaker-JFK) TORONTO, Ont. / Troy Media/ – It goes without saying that meetings between Canadian prime ministers and U.S. presidents have been historically significant. Some were positive (Brian Mulroney and Ronald Reagan, Jean Chretien and Bill Clinton), some were negative (John Diefenbaker […]

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On the absurdist stage: Justin meets Donald

Trump and Trudeau are as different as the moon and the sun, candy and quinoa, cats and dogs, so our columnist describes how their first meeting likely unfolded TORONTO, Ont. /troy Media/ – [The scene: the Oval Office. Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump have just completed their photo-op in the Rose Garden.  Senior Trudeau adviser […]

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