Did Trudeau’s cabinet shuffle make his government better?

  Nine months away from the election, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau decided it was time to shake things up in his cabinet by shuffling some people around. If this lead sounds familiar, it is because I wrote the same one 6 months ago. Of course, it is said that the Prime Minister had no other choice […]

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Whatever happened to prorogation?

  It is always fascinating when parliamentary chicanery tries to cross the ocean in one direction or another, and over the past week, we’ve had another example – prorogation.  As the British parliament in Westminster grapples with votes on Brexit deals (a resounding defeat), and subsequent votes of no confidence (surviving, but just barely), certain […]

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Is it time to amalgamate school boards in Alberta?

  Catholic school boards in Alberta are not shy about sticking their heads above the parapet, despite the number of spears and rocks hurled from opponents. The most recent simmering controversy is over employment agreements teachers at Catholic schools are required to sign, some of which require employees to live a Catholic lifestyle.  Education Minister […]

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Liberal’s identity politics may aid Singh in BC byelection

  It’s hard to tell whether Karen Wang’s WeChat message is the worst form of identity politics, or a candidate getting caught up in the chaos and excitement of an election. It could be a bit of both. Wang resigned as the Liberal candidate for the Burnaby South byelection this week after a damning post […]

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The British Constitution goes down in flames with Brexit vote

  Theresa May just made history.  Not, as some think, by suffering a record 432-202 Parliamentary drubbing over Brexit.  By remaining Prime Minister regardless. With left-wing lunatic Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn putting forward a non-confidence motion, Tory MPs shuffled nervously back toward May, giving her a 325-306 consolation victory.  But at what cost to their […]

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Trudeau makes new rural development minister a lightning rod for resentment

  If only one person in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s cabinet is to be made responsible for the concerns of rural Canadians, Bernadette Jordan (South Shore—St. Margaret’s), his newly minted minister for rural economic development, is as good a choice as any.  She grew up in the village of Middle LaHave and currently lives in the […]

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Are NDP supporters getting fed up with Jagmeet Singh?

  The federal leader seems unaware of key issues. That can hardly give party supporters confidence in his abilities In only a couple of minutes, Jagmeet Singh showed why he’s not going to last in federal politics. The federal NDP leader had an interview on CTV’s Question Period with host Evan Solomon on Sunday.  Near […]

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Trudeau’s cabinet shuffle was a head scratcher

  This week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made an utterly perplexing cabinet shuffle. He demoted the country’s first Indigenous attorney general, at a time when his promises of a nation-to-nation, reconciled relationship are already feeling a bit hollow.  He moved one of his two most capable ministers from the Indigenous file, where she was just […]

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Do Canadian expats need their own seats in Parliament?

  On Friday, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that it was unconstitutional for Canadian expats to be denied the right to vote under previous elections laws in Canada – something that had not been rigorously enforced until the previous Conservative government decided to crack down.  While the current government did away with that restriction […]

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