Peter Harder’s problem playing the hero

As the back-and-forth over the budget implementation bill raged between the Senate and House of Commons last week, tempers flared over slights both real and imagined, but through it all, something unexpected happened that may have made Leader of the Government in the Senate – err, “government representative” Peter Harder’s position untenable going forward. Backing […]

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Legault moving to become legitimate Premier-in-waiting

A new Mainstreet poll is confirming that the traditional political axis revolving around constitutional battles is a thing of the past in Quebec.  The battlefield is no longer about which country should Quebecers belong to.  The rise of Quebec Solidaire and the continued strength of the Coalition Avenir Québec are the phenomenon to watch as La […]

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Blocked by Remple

There is a joke on Twitter about being blocked by CPC MPs.  There is even a hashtag, #BlockedByRempel, started in response to the many, many Canadians that the MP for Calgary Nose Hill, Michelle Rempel, has blocked from seeing her Tweets or communicating directly with her.  And she is not the only MP to block […]

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Premier Wynne

Wynne holds a Trump card on trade

  If Premier Wynne manages to lead her party to a come from behind victory in 2018 it would be – based on current polling – an unlikely win to say the least.  It would be fitting then, if she had two very unlikely sources to thank:  The New York Times, and President Donald Trump. […]

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Liberal rhetoric too rarely matches Liberal deeds

Ah, but what to make of this Liberal government? When Justin Trudeau became prime minister, it seemed more than enough that his sunny ways existed.  A welcome breath of fresh air from the dour utilitarian, the sentient economics textbook, he was replacing. The promises seemed pretty solid, too. Greater transparency, unmuzzled scientists, electoral reform, and […]

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New heights

Wynne-ism: socialism for a new age

You may have noticed more people than usual running around calling themselves socialists lately.  The once-taboo term is becoming increasingly normalized, partially because of splashy politicians like Jeremey Corbyn and Bernie Sanders, partially because ours is a lazy, selfish age where many feel untethered from the adult responsibility of having sensible political opinions.  A great […]

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Why Canada should bring back leadership reviews

  Political leaders would have to work more closely with caucuses to ensure loyalty, and make certain the right policies were being implemented TORONTO, Ont. /Troy Media/ – U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May’s snap election on June 8 to get a bigger majority government during Brexit didn’t pay off.  May could pay the ultimate price […]

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Leitch 2

Leitch’s tweet tested Scheer’s leadership and he failed

  Andrew Scheer, newly elected leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, had his first major test of leadership this week.  He failed, and in doing so missed an opportunity to redefine his party for thousands of Canadians. The test came by way of his former leadership rival, Kellie Leitch, and her inability to give […]

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0325 senate communications

Let’s stop the pearl-clutching over the Senate

The headlines everywhere are about how the “newly independent” Senate is suddenly obstructionist.  It’s a curious term considering that there is little evidence that they are actually holding up government legislation, nor have they outright defeated a single bill, but media narratives can be self-perpetuating, so maybe it behoves us to delve a little deeper […]

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Andrew Scheer 3

Being Based Wins the Leadership Race

The recently concluded CPC leadership race was a sustained upsurge of insanity that baffled the country’s best satirists and comedians, befuddled journalists, and hopefully forced the party establishment to confront a few hard truths about who its members are, if only for a few blessed moments. We need only look at the still-flaming wreckage of […]

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