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Federal government challenges the independence of Canadian media

  The proposal to give $595 million in federal funding over five years to Canadian media organizations comes with significant strings attached Much has been written about the federal government’s proposal to give $595 million in funding over five years to Canadian media organizations. This political strategy has been called everything from a financial life […]

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TV Election Ads I’d Love to See

  Now that a federal election is just a few months away, it’s a good time for all of us to appreciate one of the most important aspects of our cherished democratic system. I’m talking, of course, about television ads. Yes, even in this age when social media is all the trendy rage, elections are […]

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Liberals learn no government ever has “this town” on lockdown

  The two-word phrase Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wanted to sum up the Liberal Party of Canada brand was “sunny ways.”  The two-word phrase he got was “judicial interference.” In the case of Vice-Admiral Mark Norman, there is no evidence that actual judicial interference has taken place.  Kathleen Roussel . . . This content is restricted […]

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Dead Legislation Walking?

  Things are certainly getting dramatic in the Senate, as one bill has been gutted and restored, another one has been recommended not to proceed, and I know that another bill will be going back with a recommendation that it not proceed either within the next week or two.  Justin Trudeau wanted a more independent […]

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Trudeau is absent when he needs to speak up for his own wrong-doing

  No one in the House of Commons voted against offering an official apology to Vice-Admiral Mark Norman.  But conspicuously, not every member of parliament voted for it, either. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had conveniently exited the chamber before the motion introduced by Conservative Deputy Leader Lisa Raitt passed — a departure which, quite justifiably, […]

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We’re already having an election about climate change

  People have very much taken to heart the lesson of that one Bill Clinton campaign quote that “It’s the economy, stupid.”  And despite this being Canada, a totally different country than the one where Clinton was president, this is the sort of aphorism that passes for, ahem, wisdom. Why bring this up?  Well, we’re […]

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Trudeau and Iveson’s partnership in combatting Kenney

  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson had perfect spring weather last week for a GQ-style photo op and press conference. Smartly turned out in similar dark blue suits, the two youngish (Trudeau is 47 and Iveson is 39) politicians looked picture-perfect against the background of the North Saskatchewan River valley as […]

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