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Election 2019 Roundup I: The Curse of the Black Face

  Welcome, one and all, to the first in a series of summaries of the week’s Election 2019 headlines.  With Canada’s 43rd federal election shaping up to be much more interesting than anticipated – in a Russian dashcam accident sort of way – there’s simply no time to focus on any one headline.  Instead, I’m taking the […]

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Is now really the best time to embark on the NDP’s dental lark, or the Liberals’ pharmacare boondoggle?

  Doug Ford was elected as Premier of Ontario in part because people understood when he talked about ending hallway medicine that the province’s healthcare system just isn’t working. Though that hasn’t stopped the NDP from wishing to thrust dental care into the same mismanagement through a plan that gives party leader Jagmeet Singh “goosebumps.” […]

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Bill 21 is giving Trudeau a headache in Quebec

  The campaign has begun and so far, it hasn’t been an election for the ages. From the get go, Quebec’s Bill 21, which bans religious symbols for some government employees, has been an issue.  Justin Trudeau is walking a very fine line: he is opposed to it, he is happy others are contesting it, […]

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Will global conflict provide Alberta with a reprieve?

  There is always a slight pause in the news cycle in Alberta after a major man-made or natural disaster affecting global oil prices. It’s just a respectful beat, waiting until the disaster has sunk in, before politicians and pundits state the obvious: this might be bad for somebody else but it’s pretty darn good […]

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The liars ask for our trust

  It is not unexpected to have a certain amount of bending the truth at election time, and that there would be a certain amount of spin and torque when it comes to framing one’s opponents.  I can’t recall, however, a time when complete and blatant fictions were being trotted out as serious fodder during […]

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Suppose They Gave An Election And Nobody Came

  So I was thinking about the Prime Minister’s decision to attend as few debates as possible and delay the start of the election until almost the absolute last second, and I wondered, “Why do we have to go through with this whole messy ‘election’ thing, anyway?  Wouldn’t we all be better off if it […]

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Why won’t Justin take questions?

  Over the weekend, Justin Trudeau was campaigning mostly in Quebec, where he elected not to take any questions from journalists.  This is the same Justin Trudeau who claimed in 2015, that he was taking more questions than anyone else.  How things have changed!  Is it just the classic front-runner strategy?  Was it to avoid […]

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Examining Trudeau’s “Triple Play” Strategy

  During the 2015 federal election, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ran on a simple message, so simple it can be summed up thusly: “Vote for me, because I’m an adorable, impossibly-handsome, rock-star-style leader who is also tons of fun!” With a message like that, how could he not win!? But thanks to the SNC-Lavalin scandal […]

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Calculated Politics – Week 1 Federal Election Polling Results

Calculated Politics has partnered with Loonie Politics to provide a summary of the weekly polling data and the projected electoral results if the 2019 federal election were held today. Click here or on the image for the weekly video summary. For more detailed information about the projected results, go to as well as follow […]

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