Supply management stands in defiance of fair trade

  If Canada eliminated its supply management system and the U.S. opened up the softwood lumber industry, both countries would benefit politically and economically TORONTO, Ont./Troy Media/ – U.S. President Donald Trump has attacked Canada’s supply management system.  He believes certain American industries, including the dairy sector, have been crushed by Canada’s “wasteful destructive job […]

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Expect a grouchy spring in Parliament

In the weeks leading up to Parliament’s Easter break, we were witness to a surlier than usual House of Commons, with weeks of filibusters at the Procedure and House Affairs committee, and innumerable privilege debates and dilatory motions in the chamber while a mounting number of bills go without seeing any debate.  While it’s not […]

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Alissa Golob’s Pro-Life Millennial Hustle

Alissa Golob is quickly making a name for herself as Canada’s pre-eminent millennial pro-life activist. She was a key player in the nomination and eventual election of Sam Oosterhoff, the homeschooled 19-year old who replaced Tim Hudak as Ontario MPP for Niagara West Glanbrook, and is a prominent organizer for CPC leadership candidate Andrew Scheer. […]

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Liberal numbers are no reason for Brown to lay low

  Imagine you were an opposition leader facing a government with tenure as long as their approval numbers are low.  The leader of that government polls even worse than the party itself, and is the subject of what often seems like universal scorn across social media.  You could be forgiven for thinking that your best […]

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’Fess up to your mistakes, laugh at yourself, then move on

  From Sean Spicer to United Airlines to Pepsi’s Kendall Jenner ad, missteps reinforced by hypocrisy can quickly spiral out of control   TORONTO, Ont. /Troy Media/ – White House press secretary Sean Spicer standing at the door to a United Airlines plane, sipping a Pepsi. If a picture is worth a thousand words, and […]

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The Changing Chameleon Colours of Patrick Brown

  Ontario Progressive Party leader Patrick Brown continues to steadily transition from shades of blue to shades of red as the province approaches the next election campaign in just over a year’s time (I dropped “Conservative” from his title since Brown doesn’t seem to want the association for the time being).  As I’ve written before […]

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Scott Gilmore (who?) and his meaningless crusade to save conservatism

  Claiming that only some Canadian conservatives are on the moral high ground will cause short-term frustration and long-term division TORONTO, Ont./Troy Media/ – A Conservative Party member recently said he was fed up with the direction of various federal leadership candidates.  He wants to lead a discussion about Canadian conservatism’s future and help create […]

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Beware a too-powerful PBO

  Among the many items in the government’s new budget implementation bill are provisions that would create an independent Parliamentary Budget Officer, freed from the constraints of the Library of Parliament, and the constant threats of having his budget cut in retaliation for speaking truth to power by the government of the day.  But included […]

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Going Green will ensure the continuation of the BC Liberal dynasty

  As BC families gathered to feast on Easter Ham and chocolate eggs, the less-than-a-week old election campaign was a likely topic of discussion.  The election campaign has been unofficially underway for weeks in the province and voters have not made up their minds yet. It has been over 20 years since the NDP won […]

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Vimy centennial ceremony could have used a little dignity

  My disappointment started as a dull buzz, an annoying thrum.  It was Sunday morning, I was watching the centennial commemoration of the Battle of Vimy Ridge.  As the minutes passed and the ceremony trundled on, my disappointment built a head of steam until it had the full locomotive roar of rage. And in the […]

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