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Review: Wherry’s “Promise and Peril” too comfortable for comfort

  When I reviewed John Ivison’s Trudeau: The Education of a Prime Minister two weeks ago, I found that its biggest deficiency was its lack of novelty.  Most everything in it was fairly common knowledge to political observers, told in a perfectly linear manner with a special focus on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s weak points.  It […]

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Liberals shut down the Ethics Commissioner

  Canada’s federal ethics committee needs a new name.  Certainly its conduct this week doesn’t deserve to be within a mile of the word “ethics.” After a two-hour meeting Wednesday, the Liberal majority on the House of Commons committee overseeing federal ethics issues blocked an effort to hear testimony from Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion. If […]

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Centre-Left Merger is the NDP’s Only Chance in Alberta

  If Alberta’s left ever wants to come close to power again, it has no choice but to merge with its smaller competitors and move into the mainstream. In the 113-year history of Alberta, no governing political party – once defeated – has ever returned to power.  It is a peculiarly Alberta phenomenon that sees […]

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Kenney tilts blue ribbon panels to achieve desired result

  Need to tie up controversial policies with a nice arms-length bow?  Have you tried the blue-ribbon, expert panel strategy? Alberta Premier Jason Kenney can offer some handy suggestions on how to get the desired result.  There’s the one-sided panel-membership route.  Or you can tailor the terms of reference to narrow the chance of a […]

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Is it even possible to prevent another SNC-Lavalin issue?

  In the days following the release of the Ethics Commissioner’s report into the Double-Hyphen Affair, there has been much bemoaning about the fact that the prime minister refuses to apologize for the whole sordid mess, as he repeats that he firmly believes that he did nothing wrong because he was trying to protect Canadian […]

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time for taxes

The Top Ten Things Trudeau’s Trying To Tax!

  Every day, when Crime Minister Trudeau wakes up in his taxpayer-funded bed in his taxpayer-funded mansion, you might think that the next thing he does is put on his taxpayer-funded socks.  Unfortunately he can’t even do that until he receives his daily transmission directly from the globalists at the UN who are trying to implement their Agenda 21 agenda to […]

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Hindered investigation (300 dpi)

The Politics of Party Tribalism

  When doing political analysis, I rarely, if ever, quote a piece of laundry. Yet, I’m going to do so now because I saw a comment on Twitter recently from someone who calls himself “Ed the Sock”, which perfectly illustrates the mindset of what I’d call a “political tribalist.” The tweet in question was posted […]

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Did our ethics rules make decision-making poorer?

  The finding of the Ethics Commissioner that prime minister Justin Trudeau broke the Conflict of Interest Act when it comes to the Double-Hyphen Affair should cause us all to take stock of how decisions are being made in government – and not just the current one, but the previous one as well.  Much of the […]

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“Fiscal restraint” expected in next Alberta budget

  Recipients of funds from the Alberta public purse are gnawing fingernails to the bone as the government puts spending on hold and reviews the living daylights out of every provincial program. Libraries and energy efficiency programs were just two items turning up on the in-limbo list this month.  And a major review on health […]

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