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Are Quebecers too racist to elect a black woman?

  There are not one, but two leadership races going on in Quebec right now. You are forgiven if you have not noticed.  Both the Parti Québécois and the Quebec Liberal Party have been leaderless for over a year now, and there has been pretty much no activity on either side until the last few […]

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The slow, grim death of Andrew Scheer

    Andrew Scheer is dying as he has lived as leader: haplessly flopping about making everyone a little uncomfortable. As head of the Conservative Party of Canada, he’s always seemed like a bit of an odd fit.  At times a smirking doofus, at others a braying doofus. What has he wanted to do with […]

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Kenney digging in for a labour war

  Balancing a provincial budget is an enormously complex process.  And Albertans are about to discover it’s an enormously risky process as well, putting labour peace and the economy in jeopardy. The UCP government is hell-bent on shrinking the public service, outsourcing and privatizing.  The threats began with the budget, filled with measures downloading cuts […]

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Kenney: The Uncivil War

  This past weekend, I finally got around to watching Brexit: The Uncivil War, a somewhat fictionalized accounting of the events that led up to the Brexit referendum in the United Kingdom, which drew from the books by Tim Shipman and Craig Oliver on those events.  Starring Benedict Cumberbatch (in a prosthetic to make him […]

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Jason Kenney has squandered his political capital

  Jason Kenney is in an enviable position. Unlike many of his political peers across the country, Kenney secured his majority government with significant margins, leaving in the dust any and all of his electoral opponents. Upon closing of the provincial polls on April 16, 2019, Albertans rewarded Kenney’s United Conservative Party with a whopping 54.9 […]

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Scheer is in trouble because he’s a weak leader

  Witnessing the detractors of Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer publicly assail his leadership is like observing a pack of wild dogs tear apart a wounded bear. It’s painful to watch, it’s ugly, and it serves to remind us just how pitiless is the law of the jungle. And yes, the law of the political […]

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Woo wants a business committee

  On Thursday afternoon, the Independent Senators Group “facilitators,” Senators Yuen Pau Woo and Raymonde Saint-Germain, summoned reporters to the Senate’s foyer to announce that the ISG would be focusing on two elements of Senate “reform” in the upcoming Parliament – the “equality of groups” in the Senate, and rule changes to eliminate dilatory motions […]

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To avoid civil war, Scheer should run from the Hill

  It could all be so easy.  He could go back to Regina for more than a weekend at a time.  He could finally get that insurance broker’s licence.  He could have dinner with his family without being interrupted by urgent phone calls from his staff.  No more interviews.  Riders games.  No more Question Period […]

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Quebec couple ‘wets their whistle’ on Senate fountain

  Bonjour, tout le monde. I think that opener might have just saved me $1,000 with the way things are going in Canada. A francophone has been awarded cash by a court for having to suffer through the horror of reading an English word in a government building. In this case, the offending word was […]

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