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Want Canadians to spread out during a pandemic? Give them the urban space to do so

  “The streets were packed [this weekend] and that’s unacceptable.” —Ontario Premier Doug Ford “We recognize that people do need opportunities to get outside, to get some fresh air, to get some physical activity.  And that’s appropriate, if [physical] distancing can be maintained.” —Dr. Eileen de Villa, Toronto’s medical officer of health “On sidewalks, it’s […]

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COVID-19 illustrates the flaw in Trudeau’s logic

  No one knows how much Canada’s response to the coronavirus pandemic will cost. Sure, people have thrown out a variety of numbers, but none of them are true.  If one of them ends up being true, whoever said it simply got lucky. When parliament reconvened a couple of weeks ago to pass an $82 […]

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Is good-enough government really good enough in a crisis?

  It’s been, what, a month of this now? Days have melted together and stuff that seemed pretty normal no longer are.  I, for example, can’t spend a few minutes chatting with the woman who lives downstairs as she waits in the lobby for a shuttle to take her to dialysis.  I might actually kill […]

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COVID-19: Banks need to step up

  As people started losing their jobs and facing economic hardship because of the COVID-19 pandemic, governments began to look at measures and aid programs that could be put in place to help people get through the crisis and survive financially to help with the re-starting of the economy on the other side. One of […]

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Our parliament didn’t do its job on emergency legislation

  In the wake of the swift passage of two pieces of emergency legislation designed to deal with the fallout of the global COVID-19 pandemic with little-to-no scrutiny, and with yet more emergency legislation on its way as Parliament is set to reconvene sometime in the next few days, the Samara Centre for Democracy decided […]

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The Coronavirus Further Corrodes Canada’s Reality

  They told us to be afraid of flesh and blood enemies.  Nazis, Communists, terrorists, religious fundamentalists, cults.  They may have been warped because of ideology or trauma, but they were people who could be fought against and killed nonetheless using our own, better ideology or trauma. The stuff of our imaginations – vampires, werewolves, zombies, aliens – […]

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The House of Commons’s loss is our gain

  2019 feels like years ago instead of just a few months.  Our minority government is still fresh as it attempts to guide the country through the COVID-19 pandemic.  An unprecedented time challenges how we interact with our government; with talk about implementing the Emergencies Act, watchdogs, governing bodies and the public are at a […]

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Politicians Will Soon Play the Virus Blame Game

  It’s a good thing the COVID-19 scare has us all vigorously washing our hands, because when this panic is finally over, you better believe there’s going to be an awful lot of finger pointing. More specifically, people across the globe will be angry at their national leaders for not “doing enough” early on to […]

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