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City of Toronto to examine proposal to ban feeding of pigeons

Toronto is set to consider banning the feeding of pigeons across the city.

A motion proposed by Coun. Kristyn Wong-Tam seeks to prohibit the feeding of the birds in public and private spaces.

Wong-Tam cites excessive pigeon droppings, social annoyance, property damage and the attraction of rats through discarded food scraps as reasons for the proposed ban.

Her motion says sidewalks, plazas and laneways in Toronto are “overwhelmingly inundated” with pigeons that continue to be attracted to those spaces because of food scattered by residents.

Toronto already has a bylaw that bans feeding or attempting to feed wildlife in parks but that doesn’t apply outside those green spaces and Wong-Tam argues that it isn’t actively enforced.

City council is meeting today and is expected to review Wong-Tam’s motion, which recommends the municipal licensing and standards director report back next March on the feasibility of a pigeon-feeding ban.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published July 14, 2021.

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