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Carbon price rebates rise as much as 17 per cent in April as price itself goes up

OTTAWA — Canadian families will get between $760 and $2,160 in carbon price rebates this year as the carbon price itself gets hiked another $15 per tonne.

The price increase will add another 3.3 cents to a litre of gasoline and about 2.9 cents to a cubic metre of natural gas. 

Most families will see a bigger rebate as a result — $64 more every three months in Alberta, and $36 more in Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

But the move to lift carbon pricing from heating oil for three years, along with overpayments last year, mean people in all Atlantic provinces except New Brunswick will see a dip in the amount they receive.

Multiple Liberal cabinet ministers are discussing the rebates on Parliament Hill today as the Liberals continue to struggle to convince Canadians that the rebates even exist. 

The Liberals are promoting the rebates as an affordability measure, noting data that show 80 per cent of families will get more from the rebates than they pay in carbon pricing.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Feb. 14, 2024.

The Canadian Press

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