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Canada Revenue Agency to audit Saskatchewan for not paying carbon levies: Moe

REGINA — Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe says the Canada Revenue Agency plans to audit the province for not paying carbon levies on home heating.

Moe says the agency has indicated it will look at Saskatchewan’s books to see how much the province owes in levies that weren’t paid to Ottawa.

The Saskatchewan Party government decided earlier this year to not remit the federal carbon price on natural gas, a move that breaks federal law.

Moe invoked the measure after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau exempted users of home heating oil from having to pay the levy in a move largely seen as politically motivated to boost Liberal support in Atlantic Canada.

Moe says the agency could face problems to collect the money, as Ottawa may have to change legislation to get it.

Trudeau has said Saskatchewan residents will continue to get rebates even though the province isn’t paying.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published April 29, 2024.

The Canadian Press

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