The Boys In Short Pants


The Boys in Short Pants is one of Canada’s newest political podcasts, bringing hot takes, irreverent analysis, and lively debate.  “Boys in Short Pants” was first coined to refer to the often commanding young men and women who worked in the Prime Minister’s Office.  The term has since been used broadly to refer the young staff that fill the backrooms of Ottawa’s political offices.  The goal of the show is to shed a little light on how these offices work, discuss what happens behind the scenes in Ottawa and tell some of the stories that never make the news.

Who are the boys in short pants?

Etienne Rainville is from Fort McMurray, Alberta and moved to Ottawa three years ago.  There he has worked in parliamentary affairs, issues management and communications as a staffer for the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, as well as on the campaigns of multiple Conservative candidates.  Following the change of governments he returned to school to pursue a Master’s in Political Management at Carleton University, a program designed to educate students for “leadership roles in the political offices and parties of the nation”.  Etienne argues from the right-side of the spectrum with an interest in conservative fiscal policy, public safety issues and foreign policy.

Laurent Carbonneau has worked on numerous NDP campaigns before moving to Ottawa to pursue a Master’s in Political Management.  He also has a Master’s in History from the University of St. Andrews, and has lived in the U.S., the U.K. and four Canadian provinces.  A self-described democratic socialist, Laurent holds down the lefty side of the podcast with an interest in federalism, tax policy and social programs. He blogs at The Laurentian Consensus.

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Episode 36 – Canada, Too
Episode 35 – Unprecedented
Episode 34 – Family Related Friends Travel: The Return to Billionaire Island
Episode 33 – Chinese Whispers
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Episode 30 – Dungeons and Gun Nuts
Episode 29 – Willy Porno and the Conflict of Interest
Episode 28 – A Taxing Ordeal
Episode 27 – Black Holes and Firetrucks
Episode 26 – The Back-Door Port-of-Entry Loophole
Episode 25 – Bebop Arooney, Agent 69420
Episode 24 – The North Poll
Episode 23 – Happy Canada Day/Season 1 Finale
Episode 22 – Missing Their Appointments
Episode 21 – It’s for the Meilleur
Episode 20 – Maximum Burnier
Episode 19 – Getting Clegged
Episode 18 – Who’s Afraid of the PBO?
Episode 17 – How Not to Interview a Politician
Episode 16 – Access to FREEDOM
Episode 15 – A Direct and Significant Dealing
Episode 14 – Pass That Regulatory Apparatus
Episode 13 – We’re Journalists Now
Episode 12 – Bring Your Own Brown Envelopes
Episode 11 – Lockup Lowdown
Episode 10 – On Gorilla Leadership
Episode 9 – Ancient History
Episode 8 – PIP, PIP, Hooray!
Episode 7 – Boys Will Be Boys
Episode 6 – The Rob Silver Interview
Episode 5 – Cabinet Committees, The Neighbours, and Leadership Races
Episode 3 – The CPC Leadership Race
Episode 2 – Tax Credits, Social Policy and the Art of the Tour
Episode 1 – A Very Trudeau Christmas