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As Canada lags on Sudan sanctions, ex-ambassador suggests it could play a peace role

OTTAWA — Canada’s former ambassador to Sudan says Ottawa should help steer a global effort to end a brutal civil war that has displaced far more people than conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East.

Nicholas Coghlan says a senior envoy could work to co-ordinate peace initiatives and get other countries on board with statements and sanctions that could pressure warlords into stopping the violence.

Canada has yet to issue sanctions on any people or companies accused of supporting the war in Sudan, even though the United States, United Kingdom and European Union have.

Global Affairs Canada did not respond to questions last week about why Ottawa hasn’t laid targeted sanctions since the conflict started last April.

Coghlan says Canada should consider funding grassroots groups that are providing humanitarian relief in areas where large-scale organizations are forced to work with one side of the war.

The United Nations says the conflict has forced 7.5 million people from their homes, risking another genocide in Darfur and causing cholera outbreaks and widespread hunger.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Feb. 5, 2024.

The Canadian Press

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