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Anchor on B.C. ferry drops in Strait of Georgia, leaves passengers to wait

STRAIT OF GEORGIA — An anchor let go unexpectedly on a British Columbia ferry this afternoon, leaving passengers to wait while the crew tried to solve the problem. 

The Spirit of British Columbia left Active Pass towards Tsawwassen when there was a loud noise and the ferry came to a stop. 

Canadian Press reporter Dirk Meissner is on the ferry and says the release of the anchor with tire-size chain links shook the ship as a cloud of red dust rose above the chain. 

He says the vibration of the anchor chain rolling off the ship was so strong that he thought the front windows might break. 

BC Ferries chief steward Tim Armstrong told a crowd in the cafeteria that one of the ship’s anchors disengaged unexpectedly and they weren’t sure how long the sailing would be delayed. 

Armstrong asked all the passengers to move to the rear of the ship while the crew worked on the problem. 

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Dec. 2, 2022. 

The Canadian Press